Sunday, 7 July 2013

Crafty sunday: first school supplies

I've got so many doll ideas and so very little time to do them. It's not just that I don't have many spare time, but I've also want to do other many things like going to the beach, draw, read... Today just happened that we woke up too late to go to the beach, so I told Mr. Monster if he'd like to work on some dolly stuff and he said yes. Then I went to search for my old paints that I bought when I was at the art school and we started crafting.
We wanted to make some school supplies, a clothes rack and a patio chair (following a tutorial that I found at My Froggy Stuff youtube channel), but unfortunately, we only had time to make some color pencils.
Making this is pretty simple and you might think it doesn't have any merit, but it was the very first time Mr. Monster worked with paint and we decided to start with something simple to"break the ice". As I said, it's pretty easy to do this: you just have to take some toothpicks, cut them in the middle and paint them with any color you want. We just wanted to make 5 or 6 colors, but we were having so much fun mixing the colors that we ended up with twenty-something pencils
 They can be painted using markers, but we used gouache paint because you can get more colors by mixing the paint. If you don't have gouache, you can also use craft paint or tempera paint. I know it's hard to appreciate it do to the bad quality of the photos (our camera is a mobile phone), but some of the colors turned out really beautiful. If we've got time next week we'll add some transparent nail polish to make them look glossy

We didn't make the clothes rack because we wanted to make it using popsicles sticks but we realized that the ones we had bought were too short to have a good result. We have started our patio chair, but we haven't had time to finish it, but I hope that by wednesday we'll have time to finish it and upload some photos. We're undecided about which color should we paint it. Any ideas?

Dolly cheers

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