Monday, 15 July 2013

Great day in Dollywood

Today it's been a great day of findings. We had to go a depot store that is in a neightbouring town  to buy some crafting supplies, and we needed to take the car. On the way to the depot store, we stopped by a toystore and we went in saying things like: "Oh, they'll have nothing, like last time we checked" and suprisingly, we found that they had many of the things that I was looking for! They had Dance Class Operetta, basic Frankie and all the Deluxe Fashion Packs. There was only one Robecca's fashion pack left so I bought it. Robecca seems very happy with her new look.
Unfortunately, they didn't had the School Clubs fashion packs so we couldn't buy neither Clawdeen's nor Ghoulia's. I think that Clawdeen's is a bit jelous, so we'll need to craft something specially for her soon ;)
We've also found a hot glue gun  that we really need for less than 2€, and some thin wood to make some doll furniture and a saw for less than 2 € too!
There's going to be a new post soon, yesterday we modeled some doll bread with modeling clay that only needs to be painted and I've also heard that some new ghouls are comming to town.
But we're still going to be your favourite models right?
See you on my next post


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    1. Thanks Ginger. We had so much fun doing them! I like the poses and the "attitude" they seem to have. The light in that room is not very good, but we're thinking on how to fix it.
      Tomorrow we're making a new craft post. Stay tuned