Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Monster bakery

As I told you on a previous post, we had been trying some modeling with modeling clay and we did some doll bread to start with.
We got the idea from a tutorial from My Froggy Stuff (surprise, surprise). We didn't do it in the same way (on the video she makes some sort of plasticene herself and puts it in the oven, but we thought it would be a mess) but we used some of her ideas.
We used Carioca's modeling clay which is not too expensive, about 2 € more or less. We chose this particular one because it doesn't need to be baked in the oven and you just have to leave it dry overnight.

Wet hands are needed for working with it, so I recomend you have a throw-away plate next to you with some water. We molded it following more or less what Froggy Mama does in this video. Once we finished, we let it dry overnight
Then we painted it using soft pastels, first scratching the pastel with a pair of scissors until we got some powder and then rubbing it with the fingers through the bread. Then we applied some transparent nail polish (that we bought for 0'90€ at the bazar) and we let it dry. Here's the result

Next time we're not going to use nail polish, we're going to use glossy podge, because nail polish is so sticky and it took like a hundred years to dry completely. And I'm also thinking that next time I'm gonna use darker colors, it looks a litte bit "pale", but anyway, I think it looks okay for being the first time. Tell we what you think so far (and if you got tips for working with modeling clay, I'll be glad to read them)
See you on my next post

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