Sunday, 15 September 2013

News, news, news

I can't belive it's been more than a month since I last posted! We haven't crafted much since then, but we've bought some interesting things:
First of all, I bought Operetta a new car. It's Ken's Mini Cooper, but I found it half of its price at Carrefour and couldn't resist buying it. It works fine with MH dolls, but they look a bit dipped in the seat (I guess that I can fix that by seating the doll on a pillow)
I like this car because it fits Operetta's style, but I have to do something with the license plates (they say "Ken") and maybe some covers for the seats.
Anyway, its a good quality car and the doors even open (many Barbie cars don't). Check it out

I also bought for her this "Maul Sessions" fashion pack and took her some photos in Scaris
We also found Music Festivals Venus, which I was looking for. I prefer signature Venus outfit, but she was getting hard to find and I also liked this one. I'm very happy because her hair looked almost perfect once deboxed. It's the doll I've bought that had the best hair. Here are her first pictures and a sneak peek of a craft we're working on

I've got two new ghouls (besides Venus), but I wanna talk about them in a different post because I bought them second hand from another doll collector and, as it was the very first time that I did that, I want to talk about the experience in a more detailed way.
I hope I can blog to you soon.