Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Shop review: The Daughter Who Sews on Etsy

Hello ghouls! How are you doing?

As I told you on my last post, I'm planning to introduce on this blogs other subjects besides crafts, which, to be sincere, I haven't been working on. This is my first shop review, so I'll try to do my best. First of all, I'd like to say that this review is based on my personal opinion and that I didn't recive any item as a present to make this review.

As you may know, I'm always trying to make a bigger wardrobe for my ghouls and lately I've been lurking on some Etsy stores. I found The Daughter Who Sews on Etsy because of another doll collector and I have to say that I love their shop. Seriously, you should visit their store and check out their goods, they've got a wide variety of dolls sizes and designs.

I have to say that this is the first thing that I've bought on Etsy and has been an overall good experience. I find it's a safe place if you want to buy handmade goods. I wanted to buy just a couple of stockings to see if I liked them, but when I proceed to pay, I found that the shipping to Spain was quite high, so I ordered a third item.

I made my purchase on June the 22nd, and it arrived to Spain July the 2nd. Unfortunately, that day I departured on holiday for a whole week and couldn't open it until I came back. It came in a small post ofice bag and each pair of stockings came in its individual plastic bag, which I found it was a nice detail.

Now let's start with the stockings: For Clawdeen, I chose a pair of purple stockings to match her signature colour. In fact, this was the last item that I added to my cart, but as I was tired of always seeing Clawdeen with the same look, I thought it would be a good idea to buy her some new garments.

Clawdeen Wolf the daughter who sews stockings

the daughter who sews purple stockings

Clawdeen purple stockings the daughter who sews

I also wanted a piece of basic clothing that could be used for any ghoul, so I chose this black fishnet stockings. I am concerned that this type of material can be damaged if you change her shoes very often, so they have to be handled with care. Truth is that I think that  this ones look really good on Frankie, don't you think so?

The last item are this hot pink chain stockings. Originally, I ordered them for Draculaura and Howleen, but when they arrived, I didn't feel like undressing Lala, so I tried them on Spectra. It was a little bit hard to photograph her, as her white skin bounces the ligh and I couldn't get a good detail on the stockings, but I can tell you that they look really good.

Spectra The daughter who sews stockings

Spectra The daugher who sews pink stockings

Out of curiosity, I asked her if I could order any item for other dolls in Monster High size, and she said that yes, but she recomended me to ask her first, as some styles may not fit every doll. 

In general terms, I can say that I had a good experience with The Daughter Who Sews. The quality of the clothes is really good, much better that some original Monster High outfits, and it's a great addition to any ghoul closet. The prices are proportionall to the quality of the goods and they will arrive quite quickly. The worst thing in my opinion was the shipping, but I'm afraid that's the price the postal service sets. I would really recomend this shop to anyone willing to give an extra touch to their dolls closets.

Blog to you soon ASAP.


Sunday, 22 June 2014

Where are we going now?

Hi ghouls and mansters? How are you doing? Finally, I'm done with my finals, so now I'm supposed to have more time to do crafts and post here.

I started this blog a year ago because I wanted to build a dollhouse for my Monster High dolls, that were supposed to be only 4 in the beggining, and now I've got 33 dolls. Due to the lack of spare time that I have (studying and working at the same time is harder than it seems), it's been impossible for me to do anything during this winter, but I'll try to take advantage of the summer. Now I don't feel like building a house anymore, but I seriously need new scenarios for my doll stories. I feel more like doing a couple of dioramas, like a doll bedroom or a classroom, that will be easier to store.

Robecca was our first doll

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Doll Selfies

Hello my dear doll lovers. What you've been up to?

I'm sorry I don't post on this blog very often. I always promise myself that I'll take it more seriously, but between my studies and my job I don't have much time to craft and take doll pics. Furthermore, Mister Monster and I are finally moving together and as the house is quite old we need to give the house a whole makeover, so I'm spending all my spare time painting the walls and looking for new furniture. 

Despite not having much time, we made an effort to enter My Froggy Stuff's  "Doll  Selfies" contest  in order to win Ever After High's Cedar Wood. We didn't win, but sure we had a lot of fun taking the pics. Here are some of them.

Slo Moe and Ghoulia selfie
I found Slo Moe! Yay!
Elissabat Draculaura Viperine
Doll selfie Jinafire Long and Gigi Grant

And this is the pic I sent to the contest

My froggy stuff contest Slo Moe  Ghoulia selfie
They make such a nice couple, don't they?
I'm also currently working on a paper mache stairs to display all my dolls  for a group picture. When my doll collection reached 20 dolls, I tried to take one, using books and old tapes so the ghouls on the back could appear on the picture. This was the result:
Monster High doll collection

Poor Toralei, she's hidden behind Jane's updo
See? Despite being on a book some dolls don't show properly on the picture. I promise to take a better picture as soon as I finish my doll display stairs. I should also mention that after this picture was taken 3 new ghouls have joined the family: 13 Wishes Gigi Grant, Scaremester Jinafire Long and Slo Moe (see pictures above).

What do you think of my collection? I have an always increasing whislist, there are such beautiful dolls and not so much money.

That's all for now. I'll try to post soon with new crafts. 

Update 09/09/15: I actually did another doll selfie post, check it out here


Saturday, 1 February 2014

Doll kitchen + quick craft

Hey ghouls, I'm back.

As I told you on my last post, this Christmas holidays I bought for myself a cheap doll kitchen. It's very complete, it's got a two door fridge, an oven, a microwave and even the stoves have a little light, but unfortunately, the plastic is cheap and the back part of the furniture is just a piece of printed thin cardboard attached to the cabinets with a piece of adhesive tape.

Anyway, this playset allows me to set a doll house scenario (well, a kitchen scenario) and take different pictures. Here are a couple of them:

Sunday, 26 January 2014

No time, no crafts

Hey ghouls! It's been ages since I last posted, but I have no time since I've started a new job and my studies again. I felt so sad about having this blog so abandoned that I've decided to make a small post telling you what I've been up to.

First of all, back in september I bought two new ghouls from another doll collector that I found at Doll Observers. This ghouls were signature Nefera and Toralei. Buying from another collector is a good option if you want a doll that is hard to find, but always make sure that is a safe purchase. It's also a good idea to ask the other person to send you a picture of the receipt from the post office. Here are some pics of the ghouls:

Signature Toralei Stripe Monster High

Signature Nefera de Nile Monster High

I also got Ghouls Night Out Lagoona, Mr. Monster bought her for my birthday. Check her with some of the ghouls in Scaris

Then I took advantage of an offer at Toys'r'us and bought I love fashion Scarah and some accesories for my ghouls. I wanted Scarah because she's diferent from other ghouls, you know, without pupils and with that 60's inspired style.

Toralei Stripe Scarah Screams Scaris

At Christmas I bought Twyla as a present for myself, but unfortunately, her hair is an awfull mess. She's got little pieces of glue on her scalp, so I can't give her a boil perm. I seriously considered writting to Mattel complaining about the quality of some of their dolls, but in the end I didn't do it. I also got Caterine de Mew as a Christmas present from Mr. Monster. Check them out in their new kitchen (yes, I also bought that) on this pics.

Twyla and Ghoulia

My last purchases have been Honey Swamp and Black Carpet Draculaura. Here you have them on the black carpet

Hauntlywood Draculaura Honey Swamp

I wish I could post more often, I'll try to post something soon. See you soon ghouls