Sunday, 26 January 2014

No time, no crafts

Hey ghouls! It's been ages since I last posted, but I have no time since I've started a new job and my studies again. I felt so sad about having this blog so abandoned that I've decided to make a small post telling you what I've been up to.

First of all, back in september I bought two new ghouls from another doll collector that I found at Doll Observers. This ghouls were signature Nefera and Toralei. Buying from another collector is a good option if you want a doll that is hard to find, but always make sure that is a safe purchase. It's also a good idea to ask the other person to send you a picture of the receipt from the post office. Here are some pics of the ghouls:

Signature Toralei Stripe Monster High

Signature Nefera de Nile Monster High

I also got Ghouls Night Out Lagoona, Mr. Monster bought her for my birthday. Check her with some of the ghouls in Scaris

Then I took advantage of an offer at Toys'r'us and bought I love fashion Scarah and some accesories for my ghouls. I wanted Scarah because she's diferent from other ghouls, you know, without pupils and with that 60's inspired style.

Toralei Stripe Scarah Screams Scaris

At Christmas I bought Twyla as a present for myself, but unfortunately, her hair is an awfull mess. She's got little pieces of glue on her scalp, so I can't give her a boil perm. I seriously considered writting to Mattel complaining about the quality of some of their dolls, but in the end I didn't do it. I also got Caterine de Mew as a Christmas present from Mr. Monster. Check them out in their new kitchen (yes, I also bought that) on this pics.

Twyla and Ghoulia

My last purchases have been Honey Swamp and Black Carpet Draculaura. Here you have them on the black carpet

Hauntlywood Draculaura Honey Swamp

I wish I could post more often, I'll try to post something soon. See you soon ghouls