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Doll unboxing and review: River Styxx

Hello ghouls and mansters!
On our last post we did a review on Monster High's Kiyomi Haunterly and now is turn to review River Styxx, also from the Haunted movie related doll line. Initially, I didn't plan on doing a review on her, but after doing Kiyomi's I kind of felt that I HAD TO review River. Also I've found out that by doing a review I pay more atention to all the details in the dolls and appreciate more the designers' work.

River Styxx is the daughter of the Grimm Reaper, but, unlike her father, she's very cheerful and loves bright colours. She's a R.I.P (Reaper In Preparation), which means she's getting her license to take spirits to the ghost world.

River Styxx

River's box looks exactly the same as Kiyomi's, is made of clear plastic and has that cool chain shape on the front of the box.

At the back of the box we can read River's bio. River is younger than the other ghosts, she's 14 while Vandala and Kiyomi are 16 years old, so that's probably why she has the little sister body mold.

With the plastic from the box removed, you can take a closer look to River.

And exacly like Kiyomi, I had the same problem with River and my baby blue background:

River Styxx review

So I decided to use a navy blue one:

River has purple skin and her lower arms and legs are made of clear purple plastic, revealing River's bones. The parts of her body that are not clear have like a very sublte shimmer. Her face has the shape of a skeleton, reminding me of Skelita.  

Her hands are painted with this super cute bone details:

Her hair has pastel tones, with a baby blue on top, light pink and light purple. Her hair is not as smooth or beautiful as Kiyomi's and has a bit of frizz, but that can be fixed easily.

River is wearing a pretty simple short dress with a shimmery pattern on it. However, the accesories that she wears improve her look. First of all, River wears a black cape with a hood, to give her a Grimm Reaper look. The hood closes tight to her neck with velcro, but I think that it would have been cooler if it had a chain detail or something. River looks cool with the hood on.

River also wears this purple belt with chains that give the impresion that she's floating. The belt has a ribbon on the back that can be easily removed, in fact, it fell down very easily while I was taking pictures of River.

She wears blue boots with a purple ribbon that can be removed. I don't really like her shoes, but I think that the removable ribbon is an smart idea that could be used in other shoes designs.

River doesn't bring a purse, but instead she brings this stick with a ribon that I guess may replace the Grimm Reaper's traditional scythe. The stick is quite heavy and River has trouble holding it. The only way I could make her pose with the stick was this way:

 One of the things that I like the most about the Haunted doll line is the way they matched all the girls with similar colour palettes. For example, Kiyomi has blue skin with purple hair, while River has purple skin with blue and pink hair.  Here's a picture of the 3 Haunted girls:

I like River Styxx, she's a nice doll with some interesting details, but I don't like her as much as I like Kiyomi or Vandala. Probably the most interesting thing about her is her translucent body with the visible bones, which adds more variety to the Monster High world. Also, I like that she has the little sister body mold, because that makes her even cuter and Howleen can get another friend her size. 

What do you guys think about River? Do you like her? Who's your favourite Haunted character? 


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