Friday, 4 September 2015

Doll review: Monster Exchange Lorna McNessie

Hello ghouls and mansters! How are you?

Today I want to review a doll that I LOVED the first time I saw her at San Diego Comicon 2014. It's Lorna McNessie, from Monster High's Monster Exchange doll line. Lorna is the daughter of the Loch Ness monster and has just transfered to Monster High from Rotland. 

 Lorna comes in this new box design that's clear on the front and both sides and it's easier to open than the previous ones. Here's a view of Lorna's box.

And as many of the new dolls, on the back of her box there's this huge artwork of the character's face. 

  With the front plastic from the box removed, you can take a better look to Lorna.

After a few minutes of cutting plastic, here's finally Lorna:

Lorna has a shorter body, like Howleen, but with an slightly longer neck. Her skin is blue but a little bit glittery or shimmery, I don't really know how to describe it.  She has also scales all over her body, webbed hands and fins on her lower arms and legs.

 She also has webbed ears and wears one single earring: 

Lorna McNessie earring

 She also has a long tail that luckily doesn't keep falling all the time, unlike my Coffin Bean Toralei. Here are some details of it. 

Lorna McNessie Tail

Her face is very sweet and nice, her rounded eyes make her just adorable. She has also fangs comming out from her lower lip, like Abbey. In fact, her sparkly skin reminds me a little bit of Abbey's, but much more subtle. 

One of the things that I liked the most of Lorna when I saw her was that she's a redhead. She's got darker hair colour on the front of her head, tied with a rubber band to the top of her head with some elaborated curls. The rest of her hair has a lighter colour, more like a coral colour I would say, and it's supposed to be curly or wavy, but mine is messy. 

Not only Lorna's hair is messy, it's also very poorly rooted and has several defects, like this huge knot that I tried to picture, but I don't think you can really appreciate it.

She also wears this cute beret that comes attached with some plastic. I haven't removed it yet, but I don't think it will stay on Lorna's hair without the plastics.

Lorna's beret

Lorna's outfit is pretty cool actually. She's wearing a red t-shirt with a small pattern and this cute skirt gathered on one side, like a modern version of a kilt. 

 She also wears this black belt with studded straps that doesn't let me put Lorna properly on her stand. she could probaby use better an stand like the Haunted dolls had or even a saddle horse type. The piece doesn't really fit well, as her straps seem to be floating. However, Lorna's outfit looks quite plain without it.

Lorna's shoes quite cool, but don't help to keep the doll balanced. I really like that her soles have bricks, probably pretty much inspired by the famous Scottland castles. 

Lorna McNessie shoes

 Lorna also brings this big red purse decorated with what seem celtic details to me.

Lorna is an overall pretty doll, and I really liked from the very moment I saw her, but unfortunately her hair is a huge mess ans she's half bald. If a doll has frizzy hair, that can be fixed quite easily, but poorly rooted hair is harder to fix. 

I like a lot Lorna's character and I would really like to see more of her in the Monster High world, but considering that she's been released as part of an "exchange" line, I'm not really sure. 

 What do you guys think about Lorna? Have you added her to your collection? Tell me what you think so far.



  1. I didn't like her in the beginning but she's turning out to be a really cute doll.

  2. Since I discovered Monster High, I wondered why didn't they make the daughter of the Loch Ness monster and when she came out I was so happy because she was almost as I imagined her. She's a really cute doll, but if you get her be carefull not to get one that comes half bald.

    1. So glad she met your expectations! I'm still waiting for them to think of a daughter of the Phoenix.

    2. Ooohh, that's a cool idea! I just hope they don't make her pink

    3. LOL! I'm counting on grey body with dark orange and light blue hair and some massive feathery headpiece.

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    5. Mmmm, that's sounds interesting, but I will add some molded feather details on her body too. Talking about dolls we would like to see, I'd love to see the son of the Cancerberus, and I just hope they give him personality on his own and not just be "the boyfriend of".

  3. I would love to get Lorna, I like her looks a lot. It's a pity about the hair, but the accessories and the details like the tail and her hands are so cute!

    1. Yes, despite the whole hair thing, Lorna is such a cutie. I totally recomend you grab her next time you see her on a shelf.
      Thanks for stopping by.