Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Doll Selfies (part 2)

Hello ghouls and mansters! What have you been up to?

Last week I got a little bit sick and I can't go to work because my job requires to be standing up the whole day and carrying a lot o weight, which is something I can't do right now. The possitive part of it is that I can stay home and take pictures of my dolls when I feel better.

Actually, I was planning to write a review of Monster Exchange Marisol Coxi, but yesterday I started to feel that I prefered to do post about doll selfies because I always have so much fun when I take pictures pretending like the dolls are taking a selfie. This is actually the second doll selfie post I write, you can take a look at the first one here.

Howleen Wolf doll selfie

 I took some of this pictures a few months ago, but I really never had the chance to show them on the blog. Here are some of them:

Howleen and Clawdia Wolf selfie

Catty Noir and Invisi Billy doll selfie

Spectra and Vandala doll selfie
Ghostly ghoulfriends
 Spectra and Vandala's selfie was specially hard to take because of Vandala's huge hat, but I think it turned out well in the end.

Cleo and Deuce doll selfie

Bonita and Wydowna selfie

Also, I've taken new pictures for this post:

Twyla and Howleen Monster High doll selfie

Lorna Twyla Howleen Monster High doll selfie

Abbey Cleo Clawdeen Monster High doll selfie
Beast ghoulfriends selfie!

I've also tried to use my laptop as a background to take pictures, but I'm still not very good at it. Luckily, The Multicrafteral Lab has given me some tips that I'll try next time. Here's what I got so far:

Lorna selfie in Pisa

Lorna in Pisa was the first pic I took, and it was a little bit a disaster, but when Mr. Monster suggested to use the TV as a background instead, the result was much better. Check out this selfie of Clawdeen and Clawdia in London!

Wolf sister selfie
Sisters in London

This post has given me some ideas for future posts, like a "Ghouls around the world" theme post or just a post of my favourite doll pictures. 

I really really had so much fun doing this and I recomend that you try take some selfies of your dolls, just for fun. I really hope you guys liked my pictures, despite I know they are far from being profesional. Which picture is your favourite? Why?

Blog to you soon.



  1. They turned out really great! The one with Vandala is so realistic because it looks like a real selfie where one person is looking into the camera and the person holding the camera concentrates on getting everyone in the shot and ends up with that derpy face.
    About the laptop background, two things are missing for the perfect shot - first, the screen seems to be glossy and there is no way to find a good angle without reflections unless you stick a matte film on it. Second, the background is sunny and you'd need harsh lighting on the doll to match the black shadows - a flashlight, maybe. But that's probably unattainable due to the glossy screen. The TV shot turned out great though!

    1. Yes, I also noticed that the screen is too glossy when I took a look at the pictures. I tried to take a night shot of New York using my computer screen, but the background looked blurry, I don't know why. The TV screen is definetely a much better idea.

      Thanks for your lovely comment!

  2. Ah, they are so great! The selfies are very realistic :-)! I hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thank you so much! You should try it, it's a little bit tricky, but it's super fun!