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Doll Review: The Barbie Look "Music Festival"

Hello everyone! What have you been up to?

As I told you on my last post, I've just started University again and I'm quite busy with projects. However, I managed to finish all of them on time and the next project won't be assigned until next week, so I have a few days to play with my dolls.

Today I want to review Barbie Look Music Festivals, from the Barbie collector line. She's my first Barbie Look doll, aswell as my first Black Label doll. In case someone is not familiarized with what "black label" means, on The Barbie Collection you can find all the terminology explained. From the first time I saw her, I really wanted this doll, but The Look dolls are retailed for 55€ in my country, so I was waiting to get her. Luckily, a couple of weeks ago I found an offer on and I got her for 35€.

Saturday fun finds

Hello everyone!

Today Mr. Monster and I spent the morning in a city close to where we live that's bigger and has more offer in shops. We've gone mainly to do some doll hunting but, despite finding Batgirl for 6€ less than the usual price, we haven't found any interesting dolls. However, we've gone to a store called Flying Tiger and I've found some interesting things in 1:6 scale. You can try the store locator to see if there's a shop close to your area.

I discovered this shop thanks to another spanish doll collector. I asked where she got a chair I saw on one of her photos and she told me about this stores. So I searched for the closest store and it was just 30 minute drive from my hometown.

Doll review: DC Super Hero Girls Bumblebee

Hello my dear doll lovers!

Summer has flown by very quickly and, all of the sudden, it's the school year again. University starts tomorrow for me, but I still have a few days before hard work starts, so I hope I can still write another post. I'm quite happy that I've writen a lot on this blog this summer, but unfortunally I haven't been able to finish some projects or to write all the post that I had planned. During the semester I won't be able to post much, but you can still contact me on my Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram

On my last post, I reviewed Poison Ivy, from the DC Super Hero Girls line, and I mentioned that Bumblebee is my favourite, but she wasn't in the shop. Well, today I managed to find Bumblebee, and I couldn't resist getting her. 

 Bumblebee is, like Poison Ivy,  an student at Super Hero High. She's got the abilty to shrink thanks to her suit, and her wings allow her to fly.  In the comics, her real name is Karen Beecher, but I don&#…

Doll Review: DC Super Hero Girls Poison Ivy

Hello my dear doll lovers! What have you been up to?

Today it's been a great day: I've had my morning off and I've gone to a  toy store. As usual, they didn't seem to have many new things in the Barbie section, but then Mr. Monster saw something in another shelf: DC Super Hero Girls! They were all except Bumblebee (my favourite) and Harley Quinn. I was between choosing Poison Ivy and Batgirl, and I finally chose Poison Ivy. So here she is!

The Super Hero Girls line is about teenage super heroes that go to an speciall high school to learn to control their powers. Some of the most popular super heroes from DC are featured in this line, like Wonder Woman. Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are villians on the DC Universe, but in this line they're heroes in training. 

Ever After Crafts

Or I could just have called it: "An excuse to unbox Raven and Briar without doing a review". Well, honestly, for a long time I've been wanting to write a post about my Ever After High collection, which is still very small. It's kind of an overview post. It's a great chance to talk about those dolls that I have already unboxed and unbox those who I don't want to do a review about, so they can have their shinning moment on this blog. I did the same thing with my Barbie collection a while ago, and in case you haven't read it, you can just click here.

Doll Review: Barbie Fashionistas Petite "Rock'N'Roll Plaid"

Hello everyone! I can't belive it's September alredy! University starts in a couple of weeks, so that means it's almost that time of the year when I fall asleep in the sofa while reading the text book after  having worked for a whole day.

I've done some (small) progress on my living room diorama walls , and I hope I can finish it before university starts. I don't have much furniture yet, but I'll do it with the furniture I have. However, today it's time to review one of the newest Barbie Fashionistas: doll nÂș Rock'N'Roll Plaid. 

Doll Review: Barbie Fashionistas curvy "Chambray Chic"

Hello everyone!

Today it's time for another doll review: Barbie Fashionistas doll number 22 Chambray Chic. Originally, I didn't plan to review this doll, but because I have a little custom project for her in mind, I wanted to share some pics of the before with you.

Chambray Chic was introduced in the 2016 Barbie Fashionistas line and is in the new curvy body. I have already reviewed two dolls with that body type: Sweetheart Stripes and Spring into Style.

Pop of Color 3

Hello everyone!

I've been quite busy lately and I' haven't been able to post anything or work on anything for my dolls lately. I still have so many things to do and write about before this summer is over and I'm back to class. I'm working on a living room diorama for my dolls, so I could take some scene doll photography, but truth is that I haven't worked much on it. However, I've found some time to take some doll photos and I'll like to share them with you. 

As I told on a previous post, I've bought some new colored cardstock for doll photography, but I just haven't had time until now to show you. As you now, I've been using some color sample sheets from my job for doll photography, but the problem with that is that they are A-4 size, so I cant take  full body photos. So, I decided to get some big size colored cardboard, and one of the new colors I got is a bright orange. Evie looks great against it.

Doll Review: Disney Descendants signature Evie

Hello everyone!

I haven't been crafting much lately, so I can't really show you much progress in my doll room. So, I guess it's time for another doll review! Today's review is a little bit different to the dolls that I usally review: Signature Evie from the Disney Descendants doll collection. I'm not really into this Descendants dolls, but Evie appealed to me, specially this version.

In my local shops I had only seen the  Evie doll with the gala gown, but that version was retailed for 35€, too expensive for a playline doll. So, I really didn't have much hope of finding her, but last week I was really lucky and found her at a fair price. But let's start the review.

Doll Review: Kjersti Trollson

Hello ghouls and mansters! How's August going?

It's been a while since I last reviewed a Monster High doll, Posea Reef. I kind of lost interest in the line since the reboot was announced. I still love my old MH dolls, but I'm not super thrilled about the new released as I used to be. 

Today it's time to review Kjersti Trollson, from the Monster High Brand Boo Students line. I have already reviewed Isi Dawndancer from the same line. Kjersti (I guess it's supposed to be pronounced like Christie) is a gamer troll girl that goes to Monster High in order to find the only monster that has been able to beat her in a video game.

How to make shabby chic crates for dolls

Hello everyone! How's the end of the summer going?

I'm still on Mr. Monster's laptop because mine is on the technical service. We don't know anything about it and we haven't received any news. We are affraid the technical service is closed in august, which would mean I will be without a computer for a whole month. I just hope to get it in time before University starts. 

The good thing about not having my computer is that, when Mr. Monster needs his, I spend my time doing some crafts. One of the last things I did are this doll size worn out doll crates. 

Doll Review: Barbie Fashionistas Tall "White and Pink Pizzazz"

Hello my dear doll lovers! 

This is my 30th post this year and my 69th post since I started the blog. I can't belive I had so many things to write about! And for my 69th post, I'd  like to do a review of one of this year's Barbie Fashionistas: Doll number 30 "White and Pink Pizzazz". This doll has the new tall body, she's my first tall doll! I have already reviewed Petite "Crazy for Coral", Curvy "Sweetheart Stripes" and Curvy "Spring into Style"

I must confess that I wasn't totally drown to this doll when I saw her promo pictures, but when I saw her on the shop she looked nicer. So let's start the review.

Doll Furniture: Coffee Table

Hello everyone! How are you?

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but working on this craft has taken me longer than expected, and also my computer crashed and I had to send it to the technical service. Right now, I don't have my own computer, so I'm posting this from Mr. Monster's laptop. I hope I can get it soon, so I can post on a more regular basis.

A few days ago I started working on this craft. I'd love to do a doll coffee shop at some point in the future, but I'm feeling that probably that's a too ambitious project to finish before college starts. So, I'm working on some small furniture pieces and a cereal box room inspired by some of My Froggy Stuff videos. I wanted this coffee table to look worn out (some may call it shabby chic), like the type of furniture you could find in a beach house. Do you want to know how I did it? Let's start.

Doll review: Barbie Fashionistas Curvy "Spring into Style"

Hello everyone!

Tuesday I had a day off because it was local holiday where I work, so Mr. Monster and I decided to go shopping to a bigger city close to where we live. We don't live in a very big city, so sometimes we can't find what we're looking for. One of the main reasons why we went there is because I wanted to do some doll hunting. And it was great! I found 3 of the new fashionistas: Spring into Style, Rock'n'roll plaid and White and Pink Pizzazz. I saw also Team Glam and Dolled up denim, but they had wonky eyes and I didn't get them. 

As you may have noticed, I love the new fashionistas, specially the new body types, I like the diversity they bring to the Barbie line. I have already reviewed Crazy for Coral (petite) and Sweetheart Stripes (curvy). Today it's time to review doll number 26, Spring into Style.

A quick update on my doll storage

Those who know me personally know that I'm a really unorganized person. It's extremely difficult for me to figure out how to take the most of the space or organize stuff. My dolls weren't an exception, and the space they were taking and the lack of organization were starting to be an issue. However, inspired by a discussion posted on Doll Observers, I decided to put some order to my doll world.

Doll Review: Barbie Fashionistas "Ice Cream Romper"

Hello everyone! First of all, I like to thank you all for all the lovely comments I have received from you lately, not only in this blog, but also on Twitter and Instagram. I have never considered myself a good photographer, so the sweet comments really brighten up my day.

Today it's time for another doll review, and it's turn for Barbie fashionista "Ice Cream Romper", from the 2015 fashionistas line. I got this doll back in may from together with Mr. Monster's birthay present, but until today I didn't have time to open her. 

Doll furniture: the chair

Hello there! What have you been up to?

I finally managed to finish my chair! Yes, it took a while, but finaly here it is. It doesn't look exactly how I thought at the beggining, but I'm quite happy with the result. It's not perfect, but I'm not very crafty, so I think I did OK. 

Pop of color 2

Hello everyone! 

I've been busy this week so I haven't been able to post anything. I'm working on that chair, slowly, but I'm working on it. Mr. Monster has been busy painting the house so he hasn't been able to help me with the pictures.To do something in the meantime, I've been taking some pictures of my dolls. If you read my Pop of color post, you know that I've taken some color samples from the shop where I work to use them as backgrounds for doll photography. I've returned a few of the ones I had and borrowed a few more. I must confess that when I'm not busy in my job, I can't stop thinking "Which colour am I going to grab next?". 

I didn't plan to do another photoshoot post, I wanted to do a craft post, but I'm getting a little bit frustrated that I can't get things done and I don't want to be absent from the blog such a long time. Also, I like to experiment with photography and colors. If you have been following me…

Doll Review: Posea Reef

Hello everyone! After the head-swapping fever, I didn't know what to do next, so Mr. Monster suggested me to do another Monster High review. Lately, the ghouls and mansters from Monster High haven't been featured in this blog as much as other dolls, so I thought it was fair.

Today it's time to review Posea Reef, from the Great Scarrier Reef line. I know that this doll is not exactly a new release, and it has been reviewed by many people before (and probably much better), but the reason why I do reviews is because if I didn't do it, I would be like: "Oh, a new doll! -opens box- Nice doll! - takes a couple of quick pictures and puts the doll on a shelf."

Posea Reef is the daughter of Poseidon and lives in the Great Scarrier Reef, where she takes her of the sea creatures. In the Great Scarrier Reef movie, Posea brings the ghouls to the reef, so Lagoona can face her "deepest fear".

Getting new bodies

Hello my dear doll collectors!

If you have been following this blog for a few weeks, you probably already know that I wanted to try to rebody some fashionistas into Made to Move bodies, and finally this morning I managed to do it. I was a little bit scared because I'm a really clumsy person, but the result was great and I can't be happier.

I know that some of you have already rebodied some dolls (I'm not talking about you Phyllis *wink*), and there's tons of info about how to do it on the Internet. So, with this post I don't pretend to teach you how to do it, but about my first rebody experience. 

Made to Move

Hello everyone! I can't belive it's July already!

I've had a lazy weekend and I haven't worked much on my doll stuff. I still have a chair to do but I'm focusing on other things in order to avoid working on that. As I told you on previous posts, I got a few spare Made To Move Barbie dolls in order to rebody some of my Barbie fashionistas. I bought them only for rebody purpose, but I felt like I should dedicate a post to those girls before ripping their heads. 

Those girls are Barbie and Teresa (the one with blue top, I don't really know if she's Teresa). Originally, I bought Barbie to become the new body for the L.A. Girl, until I found out that the L.A Girl matches better the Lea (purple top) skintone. Because I don't have another fashionista to rebody, Barbie will stay as herself while Teresa is going to donate her body to the Donut Top Fashionista.

Doll Review: Barbie Fashionistas "Donut top"

Hello everyone! Did you miss me? I don't think so, because I've been posting so often that I haven't given you time to miss me :P.

So, are you ready for another doll review? I don't know if I'm going to review all of my unboxed dolls, not only because I won't probably have enough time, but also because some dolls I don't feel like doing a review. 

 Today I'm going to review Barbie Fashionistas "Donut Top". I don't really know if her official name was "Donut Top", but it was the name she figured out on many online shops. I'm going to review this particular dolls because she's one of the dolls that's going to be rebodied, along with the L.A. Girl, but I wanted to make a post about her before I going off with her head. 

Doll review: Barbie Made to Move "Purple Top"

Hello my dear doll lovers! I'm back with another review. Today I'm going to review one of the  Made to Move Barbie dolls (Wave 1). I have already reviewed Asha (yellow top) from the the same line here

Actually, I have two of this dolls, but one (the one with the least nice face) is going to become a body donator for the L.A. Girl Fashionista, as well as another of the Made to Move ladies.

Pop of color

Hello everyone! Have you enjoyed your weekend?

I must confess that I'm not working on my crafts as much as I should if I want to build a doll cafe at some point during this century. I don't have much free time, so I work on this blogs mainly on sundays and bits of time here and there. Besides some doll crafts, I have a frankendolly project on mind, but before starting it I'd want to do a couple more reviews. 

Today I haven't done a review, but instead, I've been taking some doll photos. I'm not the best doll photographer and I don't have a professional camera or studio to work, but I like to experiment and try to improve. As you may have noticed at this point, almost all of my photos have the same navy blue background, so today I tryied to add more colour to my photos. I used wall paint color sample sheets that you can get at a paint store (because I work in one, so I could just borrow them), but you can use colored cardstock as well. 

Doll review: Barbie Fashionistas "L.A. Girl"

Hello everyone! Thanks everyone for your lovely comments on my last post. I don't usually get many comments, so I was quite surprised.

I took a small break from crafting in order to do another doll review. This time I'm going to review the L.A Girl, from 2015 Barbie Fashionistas line, also known as the blonde with shaved hair. I wanted this doll since the very first moment I saw her, but I was waiting to see if she got an articulated version, but because that doesn't seem to be happening, I decided to buy her anyway.

Working on some doll furniture

Hello everyone!

One of my projects for this summer is to build a doll size cafe so I can have an scenario for my pictures and probably doll stories. I decided to start with doing a table and some chairs that could also be used in other scenarios. The table was the easiest one, so I started with that.

I got this idea from one of My Froggy Stuff videos, but I don't remember which, so probably if you go to her Youtube Channel you'll find it.

I started by drawing some circles on a box, like a cereal box. I used an enamel can to trace them, as it seemed to have a perfect size. 

Doll review: Barbie Style Grace

Hello my dear doll lovers! What have you been up to? I wish I had started this post earlier, but this past two nights I've been putting some order in my doll room. I'm not done yet, but at least all my Monster High shoes are organized.

Today I'm going to review Grace, from the Barbie Style doll line. I've liked Grace since the So In Style dolls came out, but those were never sold in my country. Also, I like the concept of the Style doll line, at least the first two waves, because the dolls came fully articulated and the fashions were more realistic. Unfortunately, this particular doll, as well as the two Nikki dolls in this line, was never sold in Spain, so I had to get this one at 

At first, Grace was introduced in the So In Style line, which focused on Grace and her friends Trichelle, Kara, Chandra and Marisa. I really like that line, and it was too bad it wasn't sold here, so I really hope those characters get featured in future lines. However, in the

Doll review: Iris Clops I Love Fashion

Hello there!

Now that the course is over, I can start working on this blog again. I'll try to make the most of this summer and post as much as I can. I'm also planning to do more diverse posts, because I feel that last year I focused too much on reviews, but that will be in future posts, as today is time for a review. This time I'm going to review Iris Clops, from the Monster High I love fashion (or I <3 Fashion) line. It's been ages since I did my last Monster High review!

Iris Clops is a former Monster High background character that came into the spotlight in 2014 when she was released in a two-doll pack (along with Manny Taur) as a San Diego ComiCon exclusive. I must confess that I wasn't completely drawn to her when I saw her SDCC version, but this one catched my attention. Also, this one was much easier to get than a SDCC exclusive!

Happy World Doll Day 2016!

Hello there! It's been a long time since I last posted, but you know I'm quite busy with University and my job.

Today is a great day, not only because I finished my final exams, which means that I will be free until september; it's also a great day because it's World Doll Day! It was created to spread a message of love and hapiness and it all started with this letter:

Doll review: Barbie fashionistas curvy "Sweetheart Stripes"

Hello doll lovers! What have you been up to?

It's been a busy week for me, as I had two papers due for next week, so I had to spend tons of time studying and researching information. But finally, I manage to finish those projects on time, so I could get some time to do a small doll review.

Today I'm going to review one of the new Barbie Fashionistas: Sweetheart Stripes. This doll has the new curvy body, and you might now at this point how excited I am about this new bodies, so it's no big surprise I really wanted to get my hands on this one. I have already written a review about the petite body "Crazy for Coral", and you can read it here in case you missed it. 

Doll review: Barbie Made to Move (A.A.)

Hello there! What have you been up to? After a week of holidays is time to go back to work, so that means I probably won't be able to post anything in a while. However, I just opened a doll themed Twitter account and you can send me any messages there.

Today, for my 50th blog post, I'm going to review one of the new Made to Move Barbie dolls, the most poseable Barbie. This dolls have more points of articulation, allowing the dolls to pose better.

So Mattel keeps on removing articulations from many of their playline dolls, like the Fashionistas or the Style Luxe dolls, but then they come up with this new body that has 22 points articulations. Anyways, I think that this dolls are an smart move because now collectors have new and affordable body donators. But anyway, let's start the review!

Doll review: Barbie Fashionistas Petite "Crazy for Coral"

Hello my dear doll lovers! How's April going?

I'm trying to stick to my "one post per month" plan, so I thought that this week would be perfect, because I'm on holidays and I have more spare time. 

Today I'm going to review my first Barbie doll: Crazy for Coral from the Barbie Fashionistas doll line. This doll is from the latest fashionista wave, that incorporates three new body shapes. I talked about this new bodies earlier on this blog, you can read my opinion here. Crazy for Coral has one of those new bodies, known as "petite", so that means she's shorter than regular Barbies. 

Doll review: Signature C.A. Cupid (EAH)

Hello doll lovers! What have you been up to this days? University started a few days ago, so I guess this is going to be my last post before I get caught up between projects and papers.

Today it's time to review a doll that I wanted since she came out, but unfortunately, couldn't get until a few months ago: C.A Cupid, from the Ever After High doll line. When the first EAH dolls came out, I couldn't wait for Cupid to hit stores, but for some strange reason, she was never sold in Spain (read fuller rant here). So a few months ago, I decided to buy her on line. Just a few days after she arrived, another spanish collector told me that Cupid was spotted on an spanish store. Great.

So let's start the review. Cupid is the adoptive daughter of Eros and transfers from Monster High to Ever After High. Honestly, I never liked her Monster High doll and I feel she fits better in the Ever After High world. Her full name is Chariclo Arganthone Cupid, a very mythologic name.

Making glasses for Monster High dolls

Hello ghouls!

I can't believe it's almost the end of February! New semester is starting soon, so that means that, unfortunatelly, I won't be able to post on a regular basis until June. I will make an effort to come here at least once per month, but I can't promise anything.

Today I want to share with you a small craft I've been working on: doll glasses. I'm trying to make a small tutorial of how I did them, but this craft is far from being perfect. Also, I wish I had taken more and better pictures during the process! I got this idea inspired by one of my favourite Monster High characters, Ghoulia Yelps. 

For this craft I used cardboard from a cereal or cookie box, glue, a nail file, a precission knife and craft paint. For kids that might be reading this, you should ask an adult to help you. 

Doll review: Porter Geiss

Hello my doll lovers, what have you been up to?

Sorry I didn't post anything earlier, but houses need to be cleaned from time to time and mine was in serious need. Also, this week I wasn't very motivated to write anything, I've been quite dissapointed with the doll world. I didn't have a very good experience while contacting Mattel's Customer Support, despite other's people good experiences. So, as you may understand, I wasn't really looking foward to come to this blog and talk about their products.

But let's forget about the whole Customer Support thing and let's move on onto the review. Today I'm going to review Porter "Paintergeist" Geiss, from the Monster High line Haunted. From this line I have already reviewed Kiyomi Haunterly and River Styxx, you can read them here and here. Porter is the son of a poltergeist and he attends a school for ghosts called Haunted High. Honestly, this doll being a ghost was kind of ironic, because it to…

The new Barbie body types

I know this is old news, but Mattel has just released 3 new body types for their most popular doll. I'm probably late to the party commenting this, but I just wanted to say a few words about it. 

Doll review: Signature Ginger Breadhouse

Hello doll lovers!

Today it's time to review my second Ever After High doll, Ginger Breadhouse, daughter of the Candy Witch. I didn't mention in my Darling Charming review that I got this two dolls from, because, apparently, the Ever After High doll line is no longer being sold in Spain. It's so sad, because some of the latest dolls seem quite interesting and now you have no other option than buying them from USA. 

So let's go back to the doll. Ginger Breadhouse is one of the newest students at Ever After High. She's a rebel because she doesn't to follow her destiny as the next Candy Witch from the Hansel and Gretel tale, she would rather be a famous chef. 

Doll Review: Signature Darling Charming

Hello doll-bloggers! What have you been up to? I've been trying to put some order in the Link page of this blog, but the format kept on changing all the time. I'm also trying to figure out if I can change the default font by editing the HTML code, but it doesn't seem to be working. Sometimes blogger drives me crazy.

Today I'm going to review Darling Charming, daugther of King Charming, from the Ever After High doll line. This is my first Ever After High review, so I'm very excited. 

Doll Review: Elle Eedee

Hello ghouls! How are you? It's been a busy week for me at work, but I've managed to do a couple of reviews. I hope I can do 2 or 3 more before I start univesity again. Before I start with the review, I'd just want to remind you that I have a Facebook page, were I share things such as upcomming doll lines or were we can chat during no blogging periods. 

So let's start with the review. Today I'm going to review Elle Eedee, from the Monster High line Boo York, Boo York. From this line I've already reviewed Nefera, so if you missed out, you can read the post here

 Elle is the daughter of the robots, and meets the rest of the Monster High ghouls while they're on Boo York. I was really looking foward to get her, but now my feelings about her are a little bit mixed. You'll understand soon why.

Doll review: Isi Dawndancer

Hello ghouls and mansters!

Today it's time to review a doll that I wanted ever since I saw her prototype at San Diego ComiCon. Isi Dawndancer, from the Monster High line Brand Boo Students. Isi is the daughter of the Deer Spirit and, as her surname hints, she loves dancing because it's such an important thing in her culture. She comes to Monster High in order to find the meaning of a vision she had. 

About the Monster High reboot

Hello there!

I've been absent from the blog for a few months, because, as usual, I've been busy with university and my job. Luckily, I have a few weeks before the next semester starts, so I'll try to post on this blog during that time.

In this few months that I've been absent form the blog, my doll collection has increased a little bit. I've got some Ever After High dolls, such as Cupid, Briar Beauty, Ginger Breadhouse and Darling Charming, as well as some not so new Monster High dolls (Art Class Robecca and the two doll pack with Abbey and Heath). I was lucky and I got most of this dolls with big discounts, like Briar, that was only 10€. 

For Christmas Mr. Monster got me a Isi Dawndancer doll, which I really wanted from the first time I saw her. Later Elle Eedee arrived, thanks to a wonderful Amazon discount we got because we bought all of our nephews presents on-line.

 I have really missed the blog during this months, and I wanted to post about all my dolly news, but…