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Doll review: Iris Clops I Love Fashion

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Now that the course is over, I can start working on this blog again. I'll try to make the most of this summer and post as much as I can. I'm also planning to do more diverse posts, because I feel that last year I focused too much on reviews, but that will be in future posts, as today is time for a review. This time I'm going to review Iris Clops, from the Monster High I love fashion (or I <3 Fashion) line. It's been ages since I did my last Monster High review!

Monster High Iris Clops doll review

Iris Clops is a former Monster High background character that came into the spotlight in 2014 when she was released in a two-doll pack (along with Manny Taur) as a San Diego ComiCon exclusive. I must confess that I wasn't completely drawn to her when I saw her SDCC version, but this one catched my attention. Also, this one was much easier to get than a SDCC exclusive!

Let's start with the box. This box doesn't have a different design than some of the latest Monster High boxes, but it's a little bit bigger because the two extra outfits the doll comes with are displayed like if they were in a shop.

The back of the box has a huge artwork of Iris face and a small text. I like the Monster High artworks, but this isn't the most flattering one.

When I remove the plastic from the packaging, I notice that, in the background of the box, there's a mirror with the reflection of Iris:

After a few minutes of cutting plastic strands, here's Iris:

Iris has a light green skin tone, a wide nose and some freckles. She has only one eye, which feels strange and interesting at the same time, painted with shimmery teal eyeshadow. Her lips are also painted green.

Her hair has a blend of green and a little bit of brown. She has this little twist braid going around her hair. The braid has a fushia lock of hair on it. I think there's too much green on this doll, so I really appreciate the colour accent. 

Her outfit is more colourful than the doll. She's wearing this short pink dress with an eye drawing. She also wears a rope shape lime green belt.

 I really like the eye drawing. Without the belt, you can take a better look at it.

 She also wears white leggins with an eyeball pattern on it.

  Her boots don't have  a very interesting design compared with other Monster High shoes, but they have this cute eye details painted.

She wears a bat-winged-eye-shaped necklace. I don't know what the bat wings have to do with a cyclops, but I like the design.

And of course, she carries an eyeball purse, which is a recycled Ghoulia purse.

 Here are all the extra outfits and accessories she comes with. Let's try them! 

 When I undress Iris, I notice that she has something written in silver on her back. I have NEVER seen this before in a Monster High doll, so I wonder what it is.

 She also has a silver stain on her chest:

  The first outfit consist in a quite simple black skirt with this crackeled pattern and a hot pink top with an skullette on it. The skirt rubber band is too loose for me and the top is too tight and to short on the front. 

 The belt that's supposed to go with this outfit doesn't look good on it. In fact, it looks much better without it.

 She also wears this hot pink boots with ribbon details. This are the same boots that one of the werecat twins wears in their signature version. However, I always liked this design and I think they match Iris.

 Let's move on to the third look. She has this nice black strapless dress with bat winge eyeballs. I really like the dress, it isn't exactly the most appropiate outfit for high school, but it's great for a ghouls night out.

 The dress goes with this tie and dye fushia jacket. Putting the jacket on the doll makes me realize that one of the reasons why Monster High migh have not sold that well is because they're not easy to redress. Having to remove the hands or forearms of a doll each time you want to change her outfit might be hard for 8 year old girls. Anyway, here's Iris with her jacket. Don't you think she looks more mature?

The shoes that match this outfit are this simple black pumps. They're very simple, but they go with everything and even ghouls need some basic accessories. 

 An overall opinion? Despite my first thoughts of her, I think that Iris is a great asset to my Monster High collection. I like her unique head mold, it feels weird at the beginning but it's very interesting. Beside the stains, the doll in general has pretty good quality: nice and soft hair, no stift articulations, the quality of the clothes isn't as poor as other MH dolls, etc.

Iris Clops I love fashion review

 I also like the I love fashion line concept, specially since they started releasing characters that were previously SDCC exclusives, it's a way to give those of us who didn't manage to get the SDCC version another chance to ad those characters to our shelves. Also, the two extra outfits always come in handy, due to the fact that Mattel didn't release many Monster High fashion packs.

 So what do you guys think of Iris? Have you added her to your collection?




  1. Great review! I have noticed her in stores, but have decided not to pick her up in an effort to limit myself. Her outfits are fantastic, though! I loved your review and photos. :)

    1. Thank you so much Farrah Lilly! I'm trying to limit myself too, and mostly I've sticked to one doll per character (with a few exceptions). I do like the outfits too, specially the pink dress with the big eye and the strapless black dress. I'm glad you like my photos, I don't consider myself a great photographer, but I always try my best.


  2. Thanks for this review! Even though I have only ever purchased Clawdeen and Cleo, I still like to see the different versions. I know they aren't very intricate as MH shoes go, but I think the wink graphic is clever.

    1. Thanks Muff! I do like the wink eye too, it's a great way to spice up a plain shoe design. Sometimes a plain design with painted details look better than an intricate design with no painted details at all.

      Thanks for your comment!