Monday, 11 July 2016

Doll Review: Posea Reef

Hello everyone! After the head-swapping fever, I didn't know what to do next, so Mr. Monster suggested me to do another Monster High review. Lately, the ghouls and mansters from Monster High haven't been featured in this blog as much as other dolls, so I thought it was fair.

Today it's time to review Posea Reef, from the Great Scarrier Reef line. I know that this doll is not exactly a new release, and it has been reviewed by many people before (and probably much better), but the reason why I do reviews is because if I didn't do it, I would be like: "Oh, a new doll! -opens box- Nice doll! - takes a couple of quick pictures and puts the doll on a shelf."

Posea Reef is the daughter of Poseidon and lives in the Great Scarrier Reef, where she takes her of the sea creatures. In the Great Scarrier Reef movie, Posea brings the ghouls to the reef, so Lagoona can face her "deepest fear".

The Great Scarrier Reef boxes look a little bit different from the latest Monster High boxes I've opened. I don't like this one as much as I did like the Haunted box, but I appreciate the tentacle holding the Monster High logo detail.

On the bottom part, we can see Posea's artwork.

The back of the box has a full body Posea's artwork and a little bit of info about her. It also does say that the tiny sea creatures she has on her tail glow in the dark.

With the front plastic removed, we can take a better look at Posea.

And finally, here she is.

Posea has shimmery blue skin, green eyes with the lower lashes painted blue. She also has freckles and some blue dots matching her lower lashes. She has a pretty face, but it's a pity that some of the details shown on the prototype picture weren't included in the final doll.

Posea has a quite beautiful long magenta hair with some touches of green. Her hair feels quite good quality, but it was quite messy on the back part.

She wears this black head pice that should look like a sea sponge, but the circle shape in the middle remidns me of a security camera.

Posea's ears have an unique an interesting shape. She also wears this navy blue coral shape earrings that keep falling all the time.

Her arms and her body are covered in this tiny little dots. Her hands are webbed and she wears two sea weeds as bracelets.

Being a mermaid (or a sea nymph), Posea can't wear a whole outfit, so she basically wears a top decorated with this pink coral body piece. The body piece is very detailed and it's made of soft plastic.

The t-shirt looks quite plain without the coral.

Posea's "tail" is not exactly a tail, it looks like she's made of sea weed. Her tail (I can't think of a different way to call it) is what make me like this doll in the very first place.  Her lower body is modeled into this three  branches that can move, so you can change the doll's position.

On top of that, she wears like a sea weed skirt made of tranlucent rubbery plastic and has some sea creatures attached to it. The sea creatures glow in the dark, I tryied to take a picture, but it doesn't look very good.

If you remove the sea weed skirt, her tail looks quite plain. The three branches that make the doll stand on her own can rotate more or less at the point were her knees should be.

The bad thing about this type of dolls is that they can do very limited poses. Posea has an articulated torso to cover the lack of articulation in other parts of her body, but the mobilty is quite limited. Anyway, I enjoyed taking pictures of her.

I think that Posea is a great doll. She's got a great design and you can tell that the designers put a lot of interesting details on her. Dolls like this were what made Monster High such an intersting and great line. The overall design on the dolls and the details on the accessories and clothing were what made many people (including me) fall for Monster High. I hope that with the reboot we don't loose that part of Monster High forever.

I'm happy that I've added Posea to my collection. I don't really like mermaids or "merpeople" characters, but her design really appealed to me and I'm so glad that Mr. Monster saw her on that store.

So what do you guys think of Posea? Do you have her in your collection?



  1. This is my first time seeing a feetless doll! How interesting she is. At first I thought she looked weird with all that stuff on her, but when you took it off, I was all, "Hmm, she was more fancy with all the stuff."

    1. Yes, she looks more interesting with all that stuff. I guess that if you have a very fancy and complicated design, the best way to make it manufacturable is to make the details as accessories and clothing.
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Hmmm, very interesting creature! I was wondering what her lower body was and your photos revealed that!

    1. Hello Phyllis! Yes, she is really interesting, and that's what catched my attention. I do like the Monster High line because of characters like her, that were unique and different.