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Doll Review: Barbie Fashionistas curvy "Chambray Chic"

Hello everyone!

Today it's time for another doll review: Barbie Fashionistas doll number 22 Chambray Chic. Originally, I didn't plan to review this doll, but because I have a little custom project for her in mind, I wanted to share some pics of the before with you.

Chambray Chic was introduced in the 2016 Barbie Fashionistas line and is in the new curvy body. I have already reviewed two dolls with that body type: Sweetheart Stripes and Spring into Style.

Pop of Color 3

Hello everyone!

I've been quite busy lately and I' haven't been able to post anything or work on anything for my dolls lately. I still have so many things to do and write about before this summer is over and I'm back to class. I'm working on a living room diorama for my dolls, so I could take some scene doll photography, but truth is that I haven't worked much on it. However, I've found some time to take some doll photos and I'll like to share them with you. 

As I told on a previous post, I've bought some new colored cardstock for doll photography, but I just haven't had time until now to show you. As you now, I've been using some color sample sheets from my job for doll photography, but the problem with that is that they are A-4 size, so I cant take  full body photos. So, I decided to get some big size colored cardboard, and one of the new colors I got is a bright orange. Evie looks great against it.

Doll Review: Disney Descendants signature Evie

Hello everyone!

I haven't been crafting much lately, so I can't really show you much progress in my doll room. So, I guess it's time for another doll review! Today's review is a little bit different to the dolls that I usally review: Signature Evie from the Disney Descendants doll collection. I'm not really into this Descendants dolls, but Evie appealed to me, specially this version.

In my local shops I had only seen the  Evie doll with the gala gown, but that version was retailed for 35€, too expensive for a playline doll. So, I really didn't have much hope of finding her, but last week I was really lucky and found her at a fair price. But let's start the review.

Doll Review: Kjersti Trollson

Hello ghouls and mansters! How's August going?

It's been a while since I last reviewed a Monster High doll, Posea Reef. I kind of lost interest in the line since the reboot was announced. I still love my old MH dolls, but I'm not super thrilled about the new released as I used to be. 

Today it's time to review Kjersti Trollson, from the Monster High Brand Boo Students line. I have already reviewed Isi Dawndancer from the same line. Kjersti (I guess it's supposed to be pronounced like Christie) is a gamer troll girl that goes to Monster High in order to find the only monster that has been able to beat her in a video game.

How to make shabby chic crates for dolls

Hello everyone! How's the end of the summer going?

I'm still on Mr. Monster's laptop because mine is on the technical service. We don't know anything about it and we haven't received any news. We are affraid the technical service is closed in august, which would mean I will be without a computer for a whole month. I just hope to get it in time before University starts. 

The good thing about not having my computer is that, when Mr. Monster needs his, I spend my time doing some crafts. One of the last things I did are this doll size worn out doll crates. 

Doll Review: Barbie Fashionistas Tall "White and Pink Pizzazz"

Hello my dear doll lovers! 

This is my 30th post this year and my 69th post since I started the blog. I can't belive I had so many things to write about! And for my 69th post, I'd  like to do a review of one of this year's Barbie Fashionistas: Doll number 30 "White and Pink Pizzazz". This doll has the new tall body, she's my first tall doll! I have already reviewed Petite "Crazy for Coral", Curvy "Sweetheart Stripes" and Curvy "Spring into Style"

I must confess that I wasn't totally drown to this doll when I saw her promo pictures, but when I saw her on the shop she looked nicer. So let's start the review.

Doll Furniture: Coffee Table

Hello everyone! How are you?

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but working on this craft has taken me longer than expected, and also my computer crashed and I had to send it to the technical service. Right now, I don't have my own computer, so I'm posting this from Mr. Monster's laptop. I hope I can get it soon, so I can post on a more regular basis.

A few days ago I started working on this craft. I'd love to do a doll coffee shop at some point in the future, but I'm feeling that probably that's a too ambitious project to finish before college starts. So, I'm working on some small furniture pieces and a cereal box room inspired by some of My Froggy Stuff videos. I wanted this coffee table to look worn out (some may call it shabby chic), like the type of furniture you could find in a beach house. Do you want to know how I did it? Let's start.