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Doll Review: Barbie Fashionistas Curvy "Platinum Pop"

Hi everyone! How are you? Lately, I haven't been in the mood for blogging or even posting on my social media. I've been having problems at my job with a new schedule that is horrible and my coworker's bad mood. Besides that, we've been busy with some family appointments that we had, so that left me with less time for blogging. But nevermind, I don't want to bore you with my problems, so let's talk about something more fun: dolls!

Today I'm going to review Barbie Fashionista #63 "Platinum Pop" , from this year's Fashionistas collection. This doll has the new curvy body and, since the first time I saw her, I new I wanted her in my collection.

Doll Review: Barbie Fashionista "Fancy in Flowers"

Hello everyone! I swear I try to blog almost everyday, but stuff and life happen and I never find the time. I still have a few dolls to review before the new semester starts and, as usual, a ton of crafts projects that I haven't even started. Today I finally have found some time to write this review, even though I took the photos over a week ago.

The doll in today's review is Barbie Fashionista "Fancy in Flowers". I liked this doll because of her big hair and her really dark skin, but a couple of things could be better. Let's start.

Hello, my name is....

Hi everyone! Just a quick post to let you know the names that I've finally chosen for my Barbie dolls. Thanks to everyone who helped in my "Name that doll" post or my doll reviews with suggestions. Here are the final names, in alphabetical order:

Thanks for the suggestion Muff!

Mini Review: Funko Pop! Princess Leia and Faye Valentine

Hi everyone! How are you? No, I haven't made up my mind yet about those dolly names that I'm supposed to choose. Mr. Monster and I have been assembling some Ikea furniture and re-organizing the doll/craft/study room. I have some doll reviews to do before the new course stars, and also I have a new sewing machine that I haven't used yet. I'd love to do a doll couch, so I can display my Barbie dolls in their new shelves. 

Today I'm just going to do a quick review of two of my last Funko Pop! figurines: Faye Valentine and Princess Leia. I bought them a while ago and Mr. Monster was a little very impacient to open them, so we can display them with the rest of our Funko collection. So here we go.

Name that doll

Hello everyone! How are you? July is about to end and I wonder what I have done with my time. I still have lots of things to do before the new course starts!

Today's post is a little bit different. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you may have noticed that, at the end of my posts, I usually ask for name suggesstions for my dolls. So, I've decided to put all my unamed dolls together in this post and try to find a name for them. Some I have already a name or two in mind, but some I have no ideas. Let's start!

Doll Review: Barbie Fashionistas "B-Fabulous"

Hi everyone! Are you enjoying your summer? This week I'm on holidays, but instead of playing with my dolls, I've been really busy doing other stuff, like assembling some Ikea furniture and doing paper work. Also, this weekend Mr. Monster and I are going to a music festival, so no doll reviews this Sunday!

The doll of today's review is Barbie Fashionista #34 B-Fabulous, from the 2016 Barbie Fashionistas. This doll came out when the new bodies were released, even though she uses the original body. Like So Sporty or Pretty in Paisley, she comes with 2 extra outfits.

Shop Review: Atelierni Sasha on Etsy

Hello everyone.

I haven't posted in a few days because I didn't feel like doing so. When I get home from work sometimes I'm very tired and last week I just felt like lying on the sofa and watch Doctor Who. However, a couple of days ago I received something that I ordered from Etsy back in June. My Atelierni Sasha dresses! 

For a long time I wanted to buy from Atelieni Sasha, and finally this June I made up my mind and picked two dresses. In all honesty, I was on the fence between writting this review or not, because I had spoken with Sasha before; but I think that credit has to be given when credit is due. So, let's start!

Doll Review: Barbie Fashionistas Petite "Sweet for Silver" (Kira)

Hi everyone!

I haven't been in the mood for writting during a couple of days due to a little dissappointment with a Barbie doll. Long story short, I bought one of the new Barbie Look dolls from Amazon when she got back to a "fair" price, but when I received her, she was wonky. I bought another one that didn't arrive on Saturday, as I expected, and I had to wait until Monday. The new doll doesn't look THAT wonky, but I can see her face is not simmetrical. Between the whole wonky situation and the delay in the second doll, I'm not as excited about her as I should be. I posted a pic of the wonky eyed one on Twitter and tagged Mattel, still no comment. Anyway, at least I have a replacement doll and the wrong one is going back to the Amazon warehouse.

 Luckily, the doll in today's review is not wonky at all. Please everyone, welcome Barbie Fashionistas number 62 "Sweet for Silver", better know by some fans as Kira. Kira was Barbie's asian friend an…

A touch of glitter

Do you ever feel like doing something different with your dolls? Personally, I'd love to try new things when it comes to doll photography, like going outside. Also, I like to try new background colors, as you can see in my Pop of Color posts. So, ever since I saw and Ever After High pic with a glittery background, I wanted to try that myself. Back in September I found some glittery cardstock in a stationary shop and I bought 3, but I never found the time to do a photoshoot. Then, a couple of days ago, I was looking at my Instagram posts and noticed that 90% of my photos have my navy blue background that I use for reviews. So, it's finally time to try something new!

The first background is this black glitter cardboard. I choose black because I wanted a neutral color that would match most of my dolls. Above you  can see how it looks against Victoria. 

Doll Review: Barbie Fashionistas Tall "Plaid on Plaid"

Hi everyone! Hope you enjoyed the 4th of July celebrations. Did you do anything special?

Today is time to review one of the latest Barbie Fashionistas, # 52 "Plaid on Plaid" from the 2017 Fashionistas line. I got her on Amazon, as a replacement for my wonky-eyed pink haired curvy Fashionista. Let's start the review.

Doll Review: DC Super Hero Girls Starfire

Hi everyone! Happy July, specially to everyone in the USA who are celebrating the 4th of July!
Today is time to review my last DC Super Hero Girls doll, Starfire. Yes, I pretty much collect DC Super Hero Girls now, even though I said I wasn't going to collect them. Starfire is my 5th DC Super Hero Girls doll, and, if you are interested,  you can see all my Super Hero Girls related posts here

Starfire is an extraterrestrian warrior princess from a planet called Tamaran and her real name is Koriand'r (which sound really funny to me). On the DC Super Hero Girls show, she somehow has a portal that conects to her planet. Her super powers are flight, strenght and her light blasts called starbolts. Also, when she flies  her hair is in flames and it's super cool. 

Doll Review: Barbie Fashionista Curvy "So Sporty"

Hello doll lovers! How are you? June is coming to its end and I still haven't scheduled my time to do all the dolly and non-dolly projects that I have on my mind. I have quite a few dolls to review, plus two more that are on their way. Some of those dolls have been in their boxes for months! Also, I want to do a couple crafts, like a quick diorama to take better doll pics. 

One of the dolls that had been waiting for her time in the spotlight is doll #38  So Sporty, from the Barbie Fashionistas 2016 line. She has the curvy body and is one of those dolls that came with fashions. To be honest, I wasn't super excited about this one, but she has surprised me for good. Let's start the review!

Doll Review: Barbie Fashionista Petite "Style so sweet"

Hi everyone!
I know I haven't posted in a week, but the first season of Attack on Titan was about to leave Netflix and I really had to binge watch it. Also, I have a new work schedule at my job and I'm getting used to it. But finally, I managed to get some time to write.

Today is time to review Barbie Fashionista number 56 Style so sweet, from the 2017 Fashionistas line up. I got her back in May, and I've been dying to open her. So let's start.

I'm coming home

Hi everyone! Long time, no see! Sorry, not to have posted since March, but I've been really busy this semester. The projects just seemed to overlap one another and I didn't manage to find a few free days to do a quick doll review. But finally, I'm free for a couple of months and I will be able to do reviews and enjoy my doll collection.

So, what have I been up to since I last posted? Well, not much in my personal life, but my doll collection has expanded. I found the orange top Made To Move Barbie (finally!) and she came home. Also, I got a couple of the new Fashionistas. 

I don't have the pink haired one yet. I saw her yesterday at Toys'r'us and the only one left had a wonky eye, so I didn't pick her. I also want to find the Kira one that's starting to show up on USA and the one with silver hair and the Skipper head sculpt. 

Doll Review: Adrienne Attoms with volcano experiment (Project MC2)

Hi everyone! How are you? I'm quite busy with University right now, but I managed to take a little bit of time here and there to do a quick doll review. I'd love to be able to do a few more reviews during this semester, but I can't promise anything. Today it's time to review Adrienne Attoms, from the Project MC2 line. A few weeks ago I reviewed McKeyla, so if you missed it, check it out here. 

Adrienne Attoms is the culinary chemist of the team and she loves cooking both delicious dishes and chemical solutions. On the Project MC2 website it says that Adrienne Attoms is from Spain and that she moved to USA because her dad is a diplomatic. Being spanish myself, when I first saw the dolls, I thought that the spanish would be McKeyla or Camryn and I was quite surprised to discover it was Adrienne. 

Doll Review: Barbie Fashionistas Petite "Kitty Cute"

Hi everyone! University started a couple of days ago, so that means I won't be able to post on a regular basis until June. I will try to post at least once per month, but I can't promise anything. Last semester was so dreadful and I had such a hard time that I didn't manage to do so, but let's just hope that this one will be different. 

Today is time to review Barbie Fashionista #47 Kitty Cute, from the 2017 Fashionistas doll line. This doll uses the not so new petite body type that was released around a year ago.  I purchased her on along with Daisy Pop and So Sporty, but Daisy Pop had a wonky eye and now she's on her way back to the Amazon warehouse. 

Doll Review: DC Super Hero Girls Wonder Woman

Remember when I said that I wasn't going to collect DC Super Hero Girls dolls? That I was only going to get a couple of them? Well, considering that this is my fourth DC Super Hero Girls doll, and that I'm dying to get my hands on the upcoming Katana doll, I'd say that I pretty much collect DC Super Hero Girls. So, today it's time to review my last Hero Girl, Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman is an amazonian princess and the first of her kind to join Super Hero High. On the comic books and other media, she uses the alias Diana Prince to hide her true identity. She is very strong, athletic and her weapon is the lasso of truth. 

Doll Review: Middle School Moguls McKinley

Hello my dear doll lovers! Today it's time to review the last Middle School Moguls doll, McKinley. I didn't feel like reviewing her, but I know that if I don't do it now she'll be lying around in her box like forever. As you may know at this point, the Middle School Moguls are a line of dolls that wants to encourage little girls to get interest in technology and business fields. The other girls in the line are more into the technology side, while McKinley is on the business side. 

McKinley was first called McKenna, but they had to change it since Mattel has the name McKenna trademarked. She is the business boss of the group and loves math and cheerleading. She's also a perfectionist and very organized, a quality that I wish I had.

Doll Review: Middle School Moguls Izzy

Hi everyone! How are you? The new semester is approaching faster than I expected and I still haven't done most of the post that I planned to do in my short study break! I spent a lot of time filming and editing the video, so I haven't done many doll reviews lately. I have some new photo backgrounds that I got back in September (!) and I still haven't used them for doll photography. Also, I'd love to do a Wonder Woman review before I go back to class, but I don't know if I'll have time. Maybe I should just relax and remember that this is supposed to be fun, not a job, but since during the course I barely write, then I feel like I need to "catch up". 

Today I'm going to review my third Middle School Moguls doll, Izzy. I have already reviewed Jada and Sunny in previous posts, so you can check them out if you're interested. I know that some of you aren't interested in this dolls, but since the company was kind enough to send me the other three …

How to repaint photo frames

Hi everyone! Just a quick post to tell you that I've finally uploaded my first Youtube video. It's not a doll video and it's quite simple, but I wanted something easy to get started. Also, I've been wanting to repaint this frames for a while, so this got me a good excuse.

Fashion Galore

Hi everyone!
You may have noticed that I haven't posted in a week, but I have been working on a Youtube video and, since my photo table and craft table are the same, I haven't been able to take photos of my dolls. Also, Mr. Monster and I have been busy in other life stuff, and since I need him to help me with the video, we haven't been able to work on it as much as I wanted to. It's quite a simple craft video, but I hope I can upload it by next week. 

Today, instead of doing a doll review, I'd love to showcase some of the Barbie fashion packs that have been sitting in my doll room for several months. Since I'm quite new to Barbie collecting, I don't have many Barbie fashions, so I'm keeping an eye on getting as many as I can.

Doll Review: Barbie Made to Move redhead

The Made to Move Barbie dolls a great improvement in the Barbie line. In a world full of stiff Fashionistas, this dolls open so many posing possibilities and make great body donators. My last Made To Move is the redhead with the baby blue top. I have already reviewed Asha (a.k.a "Yellow Top") and Lea (a.k.a "Purple Top). Also, I have rebodied two Fashionistas into MTM bodies (check it out here).

 I got this doll back in september on Amazon. The one with the orange top wasn't avaliable in Spain, so I only got this one. However, I haven't spot them on any toy stores yet. But let's start the review.

Doll Review: Barbie Fashionistas "Tribal Romper"

Hi everyone! Today I wasn't planning on reviewing another Barbie Fashionista doll, but everytime I asked Mr. Monster which doll should I review next, he would just say "The one that I got you", so I thought it was just the right time to do so. The doll I'm talking about is Barbie Fashionista Tribal Romper, from the 2015 Fashionistas line.

I got this doll back in September for my birthday, but because all the work at University I haven't been able to do so. So let's start the review!

Doll Review: Barbie Fashionistas Petite "Pretty in Paisley"

Hello everyone! It's been ages since I last reviewed a Barbie doll, so today it's finally time to do so. The chosen one is Barbie Fashionista #41 Pretty in Paisley. This is one of the first dolls with the new petite bodies that came with fashions.

Doll Review: DC Super Hero Girls Batgirl

Hello my dear doll lovers! Today it's time to review another character from the DC Super Hero Girls line: Batgirl! From this line I have already reviewed Poison Ivy and Bumblebee, so check those out if you missed them. I got Batgirl back in september and she's been sitting in her box until now, when I finally have time to set her free.

On the DC Super Hero Girls webisodes, Batgirl is first introduced as Barbara Gordon, an IT department employee, not a student. I don't follow the show very regularly, so I've missed the episode where she starts appearing as Batgirl and not Barbara. 

Doll Review: McKeyla McAlister with lava lamp experiment (Project MC2)

Since the Project MC2 came out, I wanted to get my hands on them. However, they didn't seem to be hitting the Spanish stores anytime soon and the price was too high on to be worth paying the 18€ of shipping. So, when I finally saw the dolls on a store (a year after their release) I had to get at least one. 

 The story around the Project Mc2 dolls is about McKeyla McAlister, a secret agent, and her smart friends who join her to form a team of young spies. This line tries to show young girls how interesting STEAM (they've added "art" to it) fields are. Some of the dolls, like this one I got, come with an experiment so girls can learn a little bit of basic science. And now,  let's start the review.

Mini Review: Funko Rock Candy Barbie & Batgirl

When I started this blog, I only had a couple of Monster High dolls,  and my plan was to build a Monster High themed doll house and use this blog as a journal. However, things changed, I found a new job and I started University, so the doll house project was pretty much off the table. My Monster High collection expanded, I found interest in other type of dolls and I started doing reviews. For a while now I've been interested in those Funko figures, so this year Mr. Monster and I have decided to collect them. 

Don't worry, I'm still planning to focus my collection (and this blog) mainly in dolls, but since one of the figures Mr. Monster got me for Christmas is a Barbie Funko, I think I could do a quick review on them.

Doll Review: Middle School Moguls Sunny

Hi everyone! Today it's time to review another doll from the Middle School Moguls line. I have already reviewed Jada a couple of days ago, and now it's Sunny's turn.  On my last post, I told you that the mini moguls are a group of girls that run their own website. Well, I have read the book (we'll talk about that later) and actually they go to a super- exclusive school called Mogul Academy, where they only accept a few genious kids. 

 Sunny is the coding queen of the group and has a pet iguana called Buttercup. She's really good at programming and is really tech savy.

Doll review: Middle School Moguls Jada

Those who have been following this blog for a while know how much I appreciate that playline dolls (or any other toy) have a possitive message or try to make a change for good. So, when I heard about this project called Middle School Moguls, I thought that backing them on Kickstarter was a good idea. 

 Here's the story: the mini moguls are a group of tech savy girls that run their own succesful website. The Heitkamp sisters created this line to empower little girls to become the CEOs and tech leaders of tomorrow, as only 7% of top CEOs are women. You can go to their Kickstarter page for more info.

And January is here

Hello everyone!

After a long non-bloging period, I'm back for a few weeks. I told you on my last post that I would try to blog once a month, but this semester has been beyond horrible for me, so it's been imposible. And there were so many things I wanted to write about! Luckily, during a few weeks I will have time to do (almost) all the things that I want. But now let me tell you what I've been up to during this months.

My doll collection has expanded a little bit since my last post. I have been quite busy to go on massive doll hunting, but I've managed to get a couple of  DC SuperheroGirls at fair prices.