Saturday, 18 February 2017

Doll Review: Middle School Moguls McKinley

Hello my dear doll lovers! Today it's time to review the last Middle School Moguls doll, McKinley. I didn't feel like reviewing her, but I know that if I don't do it now she'll be lying around in her box like forever. As you may know at this point, the Middle School Moguls are a line of dolls that wants to encourage little girls to get interest in technology and business fields. The other girls in the line are more into the technology side, while McKinley is on the business side. 

McKinley was first called McKenna, but they had to change it since Mattel has the name McKenna trademarked. She is the business boss of the group and loves math and cheerleading. She's also a perfectionist and very organized, a quality that I wish I had.

The Middle School Moguls boxes have the same desing, pretty simple but nice.

On the back, we can learn a little bit more about McKinley.

And finally, she's out of the box.

McKinley has side glancing baby blue eyes, light pink lipstick and freckles. Her freckles aren't even and she has them right under her left eye.

She has long straight blonde hair with ligh pink highlights. The highlights are a little bitt more noticeable on her fringe.

She's also wearing a cute striped bow on top of her head.

I think that her outfit is one the most detailed of the dolls on this line. She wears a pink, black and white dress that has a touch of Harajuku style. She also wears a black jacket and a black tie to give the outfit a more formal touch.

She also wears this cool pair of mismatched leggins with a combination of pink and black and white stripes.

She is the only one that doesn't wear pink shoes, so instead hers are black.

Like Izzy, she also comes with a cute pair of red glasses with a yellow bow. I prefer the black ones, but this are cute aswell.

I must confess that when I saw McKinley's design I wasn't totally drawn to her. Yes, I thought that the doll was cute, but I'm not usually very fond on the blonde blue eyed one. However, for some reason I like her more and I feel she's the most detailed of the gang. I think that they designed McKinley first and then the rest. 

Overall, I like the concept of the Middle School Moguls, but a couple of details here and there could be better. On the first website they launched, there was very detailed information about the dolls and their backgrounds, but on the new site that information has been reduced to very basic details. I love when doll lines give stories to the dolls, like Monster High and I think that this line is missing a little bit of that. 

I know that sometimes the "good intentions" or possitive messages of a doll line fall a little bit short or sometimes it's not very well executed (remember that Barbie game developer book? Yeah!) but at least they tried. Barb expressed her concerns about Izzy's doll on my previous review, so I'd like to know your oppinions aswell. Anyway, I'm quite happy about having supported the Middle School Moguls line and I think they have an interesting concept. 

So what do you guys think of McKinley? Do you like the Middle School Moguls line?



  1. These are quite unique and I like the extra details they added like the pink highlighted hair and her mis-matched tights. That is so nice to have supported this doll company and I think I must've missed the train on this as I am only now hearing about them! I agree with you in that I also enjoy dolls that have more of a backstory like Monster High. I really got into them BECAUSE of the webisodes and their personalities. I have heard that Monster High is most likely on it's way to being canceled though, just like Ever After High and while I feel like I have more than enough dolls, and I'm not as interested in the reboot, it still makes me sad. :(

    1. Hi! Over a year ago they launched a Kickstarter campaing to fund the line, and I backed their project. I want to still like Monster High, but I feel that it has lost the sparkle that made me like it in the first place, specially since the reboot was announced. I won't be surprised if it gets cancelled, they haven't released webisodes in months! It makes me sad aswell that Monster High is going downhill.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This is my favorite outfit of them all and I think darker frames would have been perfect, but since you have them all, she could try on Izzy's frames.

    I like the line and hope they have success. Good on you for supporting them!

    1. We agree on the outfit thing, and yes, I could try Izzy's glasses on her. I also wish them great success and I'm happy I was able to support them.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. You know, I also realized that here in the States, no legal contracts can be signed by anyone 18, which would make it hard to run a business. Does their story talk about them having a mentor or a teacher that deals with that for them?

    1. I haven't read all the books, but there's no info about it. However, the story changed since they launched the Kickstarter campaing until they released the final dolls and now they go to "business school". Anyway, I understand this is fantasy, so maybe in the story they can sign contracts, just like Draculaura is a 1.600 year old who hasn't finished high school.