Sunday, 2 July 2017

Doll Review: DC Super Hero Girls Starfire

Hi everyone! Happy July, specially to everyone in the USA who are celebrating the 4th of July!
Today is time to review my last DC Super Hero Girls doll, Starfire. Yes, I pretty much collect DC Super Hero Girls now, even though I said I wasn't going to collect them. Starfire is my 5th DC Super Hero Girls doll, and, if you are interested,  you can see all my Super Hero Girls related posts here

Starfire is an extraterrestrian warrior princess from a planet called Tamaran and her real name is Koriand'r (which sound really funny to me). On the DC Super Hero Girls show, she somehow has a portal that conects to her planet. Her super powers are flight, strenght and her light blasts called starbolts. Also, when she flies  her hair is in flames and it's super cool. 

The DC Super Hero Girls boxes haven't changed much and they still have the same shape, with the logo on top and the girl's artwork at the bottom right corner.

Speaking of artworks, I usually love them, but I'm not super-crazy about Starfire. 

The only difference that I noticed is that now the boxes don't have the artwork on the side and it's totally clear. I guess cardboard is too expensive for Mattel.

On the back of the box, we can read a little bitt about her... in tons of languages.

Finally, Starfire is out of the box.

DC Super Hero Girls Starfire Review

The DC Super Hero Girls seem to basically use the same mold and the only differences are the skin tones and the face paint. Starfire has light orange skin, green eyes and purple make up. She also has purple eyebrows, which is weird, because her hair is orange. Also, on the artworks and other media her eyebrows match her hair color, so I wonder why they painted them purple.

She has super long straight orange hair. it mixes a couple of shades of orange, and also, on the bottom, she has canary yellow hair. It comes in pretty good condition and feels very smooth, but it could be more generously rooten.

 On the cartoon she has gradient shaded hair, which is almost imposible to do on a mass produced doll, however, I think that if they cut her top hair more and mixed more shades of orange and yellow, it would have looked so much better. It's quite cool, but could be better.

She wears a purple sleevless tube dress with a metallic pattern on the front. It's the only thing about her that is more detailed on the doll than on the cartoon. The dress is decorated with a silver pointy belt that has a green gem on the center.

She also wears a purple armour inspired shoulder pad. that has a green gem on the front. On the artwork, the trim is painted silver, but the shape of the piece is actually cooler on the doll than on the artwork. The bad thing of this shoulder pads is that they limit the arm movement of the doll.

 Her boots are my least favourite part of the doll.  They are high purple boots with a bucke detail on one side that totally look like rain boots to me. I wish they had a detail like a silver trim on the top that would match her belt and will give her a more warriory look.

On her arms, starfire wears two silver bracelets with a gem detail that give her the warrior touch that she needs. 

Starfire also comes with a green starbolt on her left hand. At first, I though you have to open it to take her hand out, but you just have to pull it carefully. 

I was surprised to find out that her hand inside the starbolt wasn't "punch shaped" like on her artwork, but instead it was opened. Her fingers look a little bit damaged because of the starbolt, but I think the'll go back in place.

Overall, I think that Starfire is an OK doll, not as detailed as Wonder Woman or Bumblebee, but still nice. It's pretty obvious to me that Mattel is cutting the budget on the Super Hero Girls dolls, as also the student ID Card is not printed on both sides anymore.

 On a previous post, Barb expressed her concern about Starfire's look, and I can understand why. It's not that the cartoon is super-detailed and those details didn't make the final doll, her design on the cartoon could also be better. On the DC Super Hero Girls website it says that Starfire is a fashionista, but her outfit doesn't look quite fashionable. I think that, at first, Starfire was supposed to be just a backgrounder and then she moved to a more important character, but her signature look was already quite plain. However, seing the bright side of it, they added a couple of small details on the final doll that, to me, improved a little bit the overall design of the doll.

I do think that Starfire is a cute doll and it's great to get her, specially if you want to complete your collection. However, I think there are a couple of things that could be better, but she's still fun to photograph and to play with.

So what do you guys think of Starfire? Which characters are you looking foward to get released in this collection?


P.S. This is my 20th post this year... and my 100th post overall. Hope I can share another 100 posts with you! Thank you so much for your support!


  1. Congratulations on 100 posts! I'm glad that you're happy with Starfire, even with imperfections. Saw some fireworks here tonight and hopefully will see more Tuesday night.

    1. Hi Barb! Thank you! Even she's not perfect, Starfire looks quite good on camera and is fun to photograph. Enjoy the 4th of July celebrations!

  2. I think she looks better than the image of her on the box. Even with all her coloring she comes across as very Barbie to me. Whereas the other dolls in the line look quite superhero-ish.

    1. Hi Muff! I see what you mean with less superhero-ish than the others. I don't know what it is, but maybe it's her tube dress. In other versions of Stafire, she wears shorts, which I guess are more confortable to save the day than a dress.

  3. Congrats on 100 posts! I hope you do a lot more as well! I pretty much share your opinion about Starfire. She's very cute, but less "wow" than the others. I think she has really nice hair and the two tones look really pretty with done up in braid. Are you interesting in getting the new Wonderwoman/Cheetah two pack? I think I will pass..I would love to get Cheetah by herself, so I hope they release her as a signature doll. Although, at the rate Mattel is going, she will probably look awful and cheap, lol.
    Speaking of cheap, I saw a review of the new Garden Ghouls and they aren't looking so great. I feel sad that Monster High is on it's way out, but I guess that's life..there's still Barbie! :)

    1. Hi Farrah Lily! Thanks!
      I like the pack, but I don't have time for the rush and being in front of the computer 30 min before. I don't like it that much. Also, I think you can only pick them at ComiCon this year. Hopefully, we'll get a Cheetah at some point next year, just as Katana.
      I haven't seen a review, but yeah... it's pretty much comming to an end. With the reboot they took out everything I liked about the line, so I'm not interested anymore. I wonder if Mattel will ever notice the relation between the sales going down and the poor quality they're offering.

      Thanks for stopping by!