Shop Review: Atelierni Sasha on Etsy

Hello everyone.

I haven't posted in a few days because I didn't feel like doing so. When I get home from work sometimes I'm very tired and last week I just felt like lying on the sofa and watch Doctor Who. However, a couple of days ago I received something that I ordered from Etsy back in June. My Atelierni Sasha dresses! 

For a long time I wanted to buy from Atelieni Sasha, and finally this June I made up my mind and picked two dresses. In all honesty, I was on the fence between writting this review or not, because I had spoken with Sasha before; but I think that credit has to be given when credit is due. So, let's start!

Inside the post office envelope, I found this beautiful black hand made packet with a ribbon on it. On the bottom right corner, you can see Sasha's contact information and social media links.

Now, it's finally time to open it.

Isn't this beautiful? I love the fact that everything is hand written.

The first dress that I chose was the Tamica Little Black Dress that I thought that would suit most of my dolls, and also, it's a wardrobe basic.

The dress feels very good quality and it seems to be very well sewn. It closes on the back with snap fasteners.

Victoria is going to model the dress, so you can see how it looks. Doesn't she look great?

The dress seems so versatile and really suits the doll. I would buy it again in a dozen different colors! 

The second dress that I chose was Midnight Daisies. When I bought it, I thought it would look fantastic on Teresa, Midge or Chloe. The bad news is that I think that this dress isn't avaliable anymore, as Sasha run out of this fabric.

Again, it feels very good quality and closes on the back with snaps. The inside of the top is lined with a coordinated fabric. 

Teresa was supposed to be modeling the dress, but her hair was very greasy and she was switched for Style Luxe Midge. 

 It fits perfectly around the doll's chest, unlike some Mattel stuff....

Bottom line, I totally recomend buying from Atelierni Sasha. The dresses are nice and are very well made. Both dresses cost me around 27€, including shipping. Considering that the Mattel 2 outfits packs are usually sold between 20-25€ in my country, I would say that it's a really good price. Also, when you buy on Etsy you're supporting an artisan, and their work.

The other thing that I loved about this experience is how personal the purchase really was. Sasha sent me updates about the whole process, including when my package arrived to Spain. Also, I love all the detail she put in the packaging, everything hand made!

So what do you guys think about my dolls' new outfits? Which are your favourite Etsy shops?



  1. Kosucas on Etsy makes some really nice doll clothes, and she is even in Spain!

    1. Thank you Barb! I had never heard of that shop.


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