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Making a "blurry lines" background for doll photography. An experiment.

Hi there! How is your summer going so far?
While I was working on one of my previous posts, I had a Twitter conversation with Fashion Doll Stylist in which she gave me some great ideas for doll photography. While we were "talking" I got a few ideas for patterns and motives that could be used for backgrounds, but since my previous post was already too long, I decided to keep some of them for future posts.

I came across this idea of doing a blurry background/ blurry lines when I started taking photos of my dolls with my phone. A couple of months back I got a new phone that has a portrait mode that difuses the background much easier than my camera does.  In fact, some of the pics in my latest post have been taken with my phone. So, I thought it would be a nice idea to have some sort of blurry/ undefined background for taking doll pics. I also wanted to do something quite easy for anyone to do and with supplies that anyone can easily find. So, I took my craft supplies and decided …

Unboxing some dolls plus new backgrounds

If you have been following this blog for a while now you will know that I used to do doll reviews quite often. It was a way for me to pay more attention to the dolls when I opened them than just opening the box and putting them on a shelf to be displayed. However, I got tired of that, mostly because there haven't been any doll releases that have excited me. Yes, there're Barbie Fashionistas that are cute, but nothing special. Also, I felt that I was only doing doll reviews and that my content was getting boring and unoriginal. So, I won't be doing proper doll reviews unless is a doll that really excites me or something new and different.

There are a few reasons why I'm doing this "unboxing" type of post. First, I've had this dolls in their boxes for a few months now and they need to get out. However, since I don't want them to go directly from the box to the self, I decided to do a little photoshoot with them, so I can practice my photography skills. P…

Making more backgrounds for doll photography

Hi everyone! How is your summer going so far?

A few days ago I did my finals for college, and I think it went pretty well, despite I won’t have the results until early July. Now I have a couple of months of holiday until the next semester starts. I think I deserve the holiday, I worked my butt off for over 6 years working full time and studying at night. Hopefully, next year it will be my last year at college and I will be able to focus on “just” working.

During winter, I’ve come up with quite a few ideas for the blog, most of them doll photography related. I’m planning to boost my Instagram account this summer, as well as working on my photography skills. We’ll see if I have time to do all the things that I have planned.

Today’s post is also photography centered, as I’m working on some new doll photography backgrounds. A couple of months ago I wrote a post in which I summed up some background ideas for your doll photos (see it here). This is a little bit like “part 2” for that post. In …

Life update

Hi everyone! As you may have noticed, I’ve been missing for a couple of months. I guess it’s no surprise, as I tend to dissapear for a while  during the school year. However, I really hoped this time would be different and I would find more time to write something on the blog, but it turns out that this semester has been CRAZY. I’ve been working non stop and I’ve barely have had time for anything. Self care? We don’t know her! You should see how bad my hair looks… Also, my house is super messy, I’ve been unable to organize my time properly in order to keep it tidy. Mr. Monster does a lot, of course, but he works full time and doesn’t have much spare time.

Dolls review: Barbie Fashionistas XOXO and Urban Camo

Hi again, doll lovers!

As I predicted, I haven’t had time to write as many post as I had planned, and, all of the sudden, I’m back in college. I wanted to make an extra effort to write some posts and schedule them, but I haven’t had the time, so brace yourselves and expect a few months blog silence in here. 

Yes, I said I wouldn’t be focusing on doll reviews that much. In fact, I’m only planning to review those dolls I really do like or those that people may find helpful, like curvy and tall Made to move dolls. In this particular case, I’m doing a double review because, even though I really like these dolls’ faces, they aren’t very detailed, so it’s not worth to do individual reviews. So let’s start!

Quick and easy background ideas for doll photography

Hello doll lovers!
I swear that I planned to post this earlier, but as usual, life happened and before I knew it, it’s February. While I was focusing on my finals I only did the most basic of the house chores, so now that I’m free for a while I have some stuff to fix. Not that Mr. Monster did nothing at all, but he’s working full time, so he doesn’t have much more time than I do. I’m also trying to do all those things I always want to do, but I never have time to do, such as re-arranging my shoes or cleaning the oven. And, to make things even worse, my usual photo editor stopped working, so I had to find a new one. But finally, I’m here sitting in front of my computer, writing this.

When I thought about new post ideas that may be a little bit different and helpful for people, I thought on doing some sort of “behind the scenes” doll photography post. However, I’m not the most skilled photograph out there, and also there’s not much content or innovation in the way I take photos. Then, thi…

Unboxing Phyllis' giveaway goodies (finally)

Hello everyone! How are you doing? Hope you had a great start of the year!

Last Saturday I had my last exams from college and I have a little bit less than a month off before the next semester starts. I hope that I will have time to post a little bit more on the blog, however, I’m sure I won’t have time to post as much as I want. Also, I don’t want to publish a lot of content in a month and then leave the blog inactive for 5 months, so I might leave some posts scheduled, so the blog stays updated while I’m busy with college. I do have some ideas in mind. Some are reviews, some are tutorials, but we’ll see what I have time to do. 
Today’s post isn’t a review or a tutorial. I don’t know if you remember, but I won second place on last year’s giveaway from Phyllis. I still haven’t had time to unbox the items that she sent me, because, well, I’m a hopeless mess, so I thought to do so in a blog post. Again, thank you Phyllis for all the goodies you sent me. It was really sweet of you to do a …