Dolls review: Barbie Fashionistas XOXO and Urban Camo

Hi again, doll lovers!

As I predicted, I haven’t had time to write as many post as I had planned, and, all of the sudden, I’m back in college. I wanted to make an extra effort to write some posts and schedule them, but I haven’t had the time, so brace yourselves and expect a few months blog silence in here. 

Yes, I said I wouldn’t be focusing on doll reviews that much. In fact, I’m only planning to review those dolls I really do like or those that people may find helpful, like curvy and tall Made to move dolls. In this particular case, I’m doing a double review because, even though I really like these dolls’ faces, they aren’t very detailed, so it’s not worth to do individual reviews. So let’s start!

Here we have Barbie Fashionista number 89 XOXO and number 94 Urban Camo. I got these dolls because of their head molds, as they remind me of the dolls of my childhood, and I’m a sucker for anything that brings me back those memories.  XOXO is a tall Fashionista, while Urban Camo has a curvy body. I don’t know if it’s just my dolls, but it doesn’t say if they’re curvy or tall in the boxes anymore.

Let’s start with XOXO. As you can see, she has dark skin and jet black straight hair. She uses the Asha head mold, like the Made To Move Yellow top. However, they’ve tried to give her a different look with her face paint. 

Barbie Fashionista Tall 89 XOXO

Let’s put both dolls together to compare, why not?

Asha Headmold Fashionista XOXO MTM yellow Top

She wears some sort of red hoodie dress, which, to be honest, I’m not crazy about. It has a shoe lace print on the front. Also, you can see she wears a golden bracelet.

For some strange reason, she has decided to pair up the red hoodie with some high heels ankle boots. I do like the shoes though.

As we don’t seem to have an official Christie doll, I will probably call this one Christie.  I really like her; I hope I can give her an articulated body soon.

Barbie Fashionista XOXO red hoodie

On the other hand, Urban Camo has tan skin, grey eyes and dark blonde straight hair. Unlike XOXO’s hair, that feels very smooth, this one looks like a rat’s nest on the back.  She uses the 1990 Teresa head mold, like the Teresa dolls of my childhood, such as Hollywood Hair Teresa. More recently it has been used in the Quinceanera Barbie and in another fashionista that wears a pink hoodie.

Barbie Fashionista Curvy Urban Camo review

She wears a sleeveless dress with a camo print and a ruffle on the bottom. Again, I do not love it, in fact, I don’t really like most of this Fashionista dolls, but at least this one has some shape. Instead of a bracelet, she wears these golden hoop earrings.

Barbie Fashionista Curvy 94 review

She wears this white Converse style shoes. This work much better with the dress than the ankle boots with the red hoodie.

I think Urban Camo is a very pretty doll. For some reason, I would prefer her in an original body rather than curvy. She’s the only curvy doll that I may rebody into an original body. Also, she needs a name. 

Barbie Fashionista Curvy Teresa Headmold

Let’s compare both dolls one next to another. The height difference is bigger also due to the fact than XOXO has high heeled feet while Urban Camo has flat feet.

Tall Barbie Curvy Barbie

I’m really happy I got this two dolls, I think they’re really cute. However, I still wish Mattel didn’t do so many stiff Fashionistas (despite they’re cute) and gave us something a little bit better quality with articulation and nice clothes.

Fashionistas 94 89

I hope you liked this post. I wish I could post more often, but it always takes me much longer than expected and currently I have a busy life.  I have quite a few post ideas, and I don’t want to let this blog die, but sometimes it’s so hard for me to make the effort. As you probably know, it takes some time to take the photos, edit them and write the whole thing.

Also, I’ve been thinking on writing a Made to Move-Fashionista skin tone matching post. That will have to wait until the summer, but also I’m not very sure if it’s worth it, as it will take me such a long time and I’m not sure if people will find it interesting. Let me know what you think.

So what do you think of my new dolls? Any name suggestions will be welcome.


  1. I think the idea of a Made to Move-Fashionista skin tone post is a good one, but by now, there are so many MtM and Fashionista skin tones, that I think it would take up more time than it would be worth.

    I love the Teresa face mold too. I have several examples of it in my collection. I think the name Kat would suit your Urban Camo doll.

    1. Hi Barb! I'm down to write anything that people would find helpful, but, as you said, it may not be worth it. I've been thinking to make small match post with the MTM dolls I own individually, which would take me less time per post and I could keep the blog active longer.
      Kat is a nice name, but I already have a doll called Kitty, and those sound to similar to me. I've been considering Drew, like the doll from the Fashion Fever line. I usually try to find name ideas in Barbie older Friends and family members.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. As far as names go for your Urban Camo doll, you could always call her Cammy.
    Signed, Treesa

    1. Hi Treesa! Actually, Camille is a nice name for a doll, but I'm not quite feeling it for this one. I would definitely take that name in consideration for future dolls.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Well I finally found you. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog recently, I have added you to my reading list now.

    I have never been a big fan of Barbie, but I must say the MTM and the Curvy Barbies are so much better than the original, so you never know, I may find one that I really like enough to part with my dollars for. :) Your fashionistas do look interesting though and I do like their footwear, but I would have to change their bodies, I'm too used to being able to move all my dolls joints.
    Big hugs,

    1. Hi Xanadu! You're welcome.
      The good and the bad thing about this new Fashionistas is that they're quite affordable, so you end up buying a lot of them because "they're just 10$". I do prefer articulted bodies too, so I'll try to rebody as many of my dolls as possible. In fact, I have an extra MTM body waiting to become a body donor.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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