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Ghouls in Scaris

Hi ghouls!

Sorry for our absence, but we haven't been able to blog to you lately, but we've been working on some stuff. I've been designing some notebooks for our dolls, so they can take notes in class and get better grades, but as usually, I got obsessed and did lots of them, even for dolls that I don't even have. I hope that we can print them sometime during this week.

We've been also on a some kind of 4 in 1 diorama. We want to make some kind of room scenario using a box and some different scenarios on the outside. We've been searching for an stone brick scrapbook paper or adhesive paper, but we haven't find anything, so we'll have to think of an alternative. At the moment, we have one scenario: Scaris. We took some photos of our ghouls in there

Clothes rack

As I have been buying new clothes for the dolls, we thought that it could be a great idea to make a clothes rack so the ghouls would have their latest fashions organized.
We wanted to do this with popsicle sticks, but the ones we had were too short and narrow and we couldn't find larger ones, so we ended up doing it in thin wood.
First of all, we started drawing the pieces: two larger pieces for the sides (2'5 cm width and  cm tall) and a smaller one for the base (2'5 cm width 10cm large). For the bar we used a larger toothpick (I'm not sure if that's the name). We drew all the pieces together in order  to saw less so all of them together looked like an "L". I wish I had a better photo

Now is time to saw the wood. I have to say that I'm really bad at woodworking, so Mr. Monster saw almost all of it. He did a good job despite we don't have the best tools. Once you have all 3 pieces, sand the edges carefully because if you don't do it you will have…

New ghouls in town

Guess who arrived last friday? You're right, Mad Science Ghoulia and Cleo. In fact, we were received them on monday, but Ghoulia's hand was damaged so we returned it and since friday we didn't receive the new ones. As I received them on friday night and I had to wake up early the following day, I couldn't spend the whole night playing with them and I had to wait until saturday. So we ended up on saturday night deboxing Cleo (we had already deboxed Ghoulia) and taking some photos of the welcome comite (Clawdeen and Robecca).
The photos don't have the best quality, not only because we use a mobile phone as a camera, also because we usually take photos with natural light and as some of this were taken at night, we only had our (bad) bedroom light to work with.

Fortunately, today we had the whole morning to craft and take some photos of our ghouls. We have done another patio chair to match the other chair and the table. Furthermore, we've done some doll-sized popsicl…

Monster bakery

As I told you on a previous post, we had been trying some modeling with modeling clay and we did some doll bread to start with.
We got the idea from a tutorial from My Froggy Stuff (surprise, surprise). We didn't do it in the same way (on the video she makes some sort of plasticene herself and puts it in the oven, but we thought it would be a mess) but we used some of her ideas.
We used Carioca's modeling clay which is not too expensive, about 2 € more or less. We chose this particular one because it doesn't need to be baked in the oven and you just have to leave it dry overnight.

Wet hands are needed for working with it, so I recomend you have a throw-away plate next to you with some water. We molded it following more or less what Froggy Mama does in this video. Once we finished, we let it dry overnight
Then we painted it using soft pastels, first scratching the pastel with a pair of scissors until we got some powder and then rubbing it with the fingers through the bread. The…

Great day in Dollywood

Today it's been a great day of findings. We had to go a depot store that is in a neightbouring town  to buy some crafting supplies, and we needed to take the car. On the way to the depot store, we stopped by a toystore and we went in saying things like: "Oh, they'll have nothing, like last time we checked" and suprisingly, we found that they had many of the things that I was looking for! They had Dance Class Operetta, basic Frankie and all the Deluxe Fashion Packs. There was only one Robecca's fashion pack left so I bought it. Robecca seems very happy with her new look.
Unfortunately, they didn't had the School Clubs fashion packs so we couldn't buy neither Clawdeen's nor Ghoulia's. I think that Clawdeen's is a bit jelous, so we'll need to craft something specially for her soon ;)
We've also found a hot glue gun  that we really need for less than 2€, and some thin wood to make some doll furniture and a saw for less than 2 € too!

Summer Crafts: Patio table

In our last post we showed you how we made a patio chair following a tutorial of My Froggy Stuff, so today we've got a new craft: a patio table to match our chair.
Unfortunately, we didn't take many pictures of the process, but I'll try to explain a little bit how we did it
First of all, we lined up some popsicles sticks (we used 8, but you can use as many as you want) and then we glued two sticks across (just like we did when we did the chair seat) and cutted out the excess.
We chose to make our table in a rectangle shape, so we had two sides shorter than the other two. We cutted two sticks with the same lenght than the smaller sides and glued them just like in the picture below.

And here comes the most difficult part: for the other two sides, we cutted out two more sticks, but instead of cutting them the same size, we made them smaller in order to place two more popsicle sticks to make the legs of the table (we highly recomend to mesure it carefully). Just in case I'm no…

Summer Crafts: Patio chair

As I told you on my last post, we were working on a patio chair for our dolls, getting based on a tutorial we found at My Froggy Stuff. This morning I didn't have to go to work, so we maked the most of it and finished it.
Here's the original video

In my opinion, ours doesn't look as professional as hers, but Mr. Monster said it's looks pretty good for being the first one we do.
On the video she makes first the seat and then the back, but we did first the back because we thought it would be easier to make sure that both pieces had the same width.
Once we got the chair assembled, we sealed it with podge from the brand Vallejo and then we painted in this lovely pastel teal colour from Amsterdam acrilic paint.

Maybe tomorrow we'll give it another coat of podge to make it shinier. Tell me what you think so far.

We're thinking of making another chair and a matching patio table, maybe if we have time tomorrow we'll give it a try.

See you on my next post

Crafty sunday: first school supplies

I've got so many doll ideas and so very little time to do them. It's not just that I don't have many spare time, but I've also want to do other many things like going to the beach, draw, read... Today just happened that we woke up too late to go to the beach, so I told Mr. Monster if he'd like to work on some dolly stuff and he said yes. Then I went to search for my old paints that I bought when I was at the art school and we started crafting.
We wanted to make some school supplies, a clothes rack and a patio chair (following a tutorial that I found at My Froggy Stuff youtube channel), but unfortunately, we only had time to make some color pencils.
Making this is pretty simple and you might think it doesn't have any merit, but it was the very first time Mr. Monster worked with paint and we decided to start with something simple to"break the ice". As I said, it's pretty easy to do this: you just have to take some toothpicks, cut them in the middle a…