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How to: making Mix and Match backgrounds for doll photography

If you were following my blog last year, you might know that part of my content was focused  on backgrounds for doll photography. They can really help highlight a doll and compliment her and make the photo look a bit more polished, specially if, like me, you don't have great photography skills or good equipment. On this post that I wrote last year, I made my own colorful backgrounds using cereal boxes and craft paint. The problem was that they were too small and I could just take photos of the doll from their waist up. After I wrote that post, I started thinking what could I use to make bigger backgrounds, but that wasn't hard to find or too expensive. Finally, around late August- early September, I came up with this idea and wanted to give it a try so badly. Unfortunately, life and moving houses got in the middle and didn't manage to do so until now.  The main idea is to have something that's not too complicated to do, doesn't take much storage space and allows yo

A day by the pool

Wow, July arrived much sooner than I expected. Since this year college ended two weeks later than usual, I feel like summer is flying by much quicker. I've already made peace with the fact that won't be able to do all the things and write all the posts I would like to. Luckily, since next year I only have to take 3 classes, I will manage to find some time to post.  This post is a bit unexpected, and it's not what I had planned to post next. I had planned a part 2 of my Dolls in a pool post, with an idea that I had had in mind for a few months. Unfortunately, it didn't work out and the photos didn't look very good, so I had to scratch that. Since I woke up with a headache a couple of times, I decided to take things slowly and a couple of "me days" to avoid getting sick (I usually get a bit sick right after college, due to the stress). Therefore, I hadn't been working on anything else. I was planning on doing a craft/ photo background type of post later