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Doll room update

Hello again! I'm still alive! Real life stuff has been keeping me busy these past few weeks and I haven't had much time to work on anything doll-related, but I thought I could make some time to come on here and give you a quick life update. In other words, I didn't want to  leave the blog inactive for so long.  As I mentioned on my last post, we received some furniture that had to be assembled. Although I don't find assembling furniture particularly difficult, it can be time-consuming, and it's always better to do it between two people. Luckily, Mr. Monster is on holidays this week and the next one, so we had more time to get things done. One of our priorities was our dinning table, because we didn't have one to begin with. Once that was done, we got to assemble the furniture we got for the doll/craft room.  We got another Billy bookcase from IKEA. We already had 3 in the other house, and when we moved here, we found out we could fit a 4th one. It was a blessing

How to: Textured off-white wall. An experiment

If you've been following my blog for these past two years, you'll know that I've been quite focused in making backgrounds for my doll photos. I've made some colorful ones, but the last few I've made I've been going for a more realistic look. Overall, I'm quite happy with the results I'm getting, but sometimes I feel like my backgrounds look empty. One doll blogger that I love, Bonequea , always has these beautiful doll photos that often don't have much furniture, but don't feel empty. I started to think it could be the textured wall, that made the scene look fuller. So, I decided to give it a try. A while back, I read on Bonequea' s blog that she used thick paint to create the texture, but she didn't give much detail about it. So, taking the "thick paint" statement as a reference, I decided to experiment a bit and create my own textured wall. Keep in mind that this project is an experiment, so I don't really know how things