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Take away printables

Hi! It's been couple of weeks since I last posted. Today I've got good and bad news. The good news are that I've done this Monster High themed take away boxes and that today I've found the time to print them , and take some photos of them. (Truth is that I had the design ready a couple of months ago, but I didn't want to show them till I hadn't the Coffin Bean collection ready, however, today I just felt like doing this instead of the Coffin Bean stuff). I made them using a template I found at and then I draw the design myself using Adobe Illustrator. Well, here's a photo of Clawdeen showing one of them I made two designs: one in golden yellow (like the one in the photo below) and anoher one in something that was supposed to be royal red but (and here come the bad news) I may not have the best quality printer and it looks like almost brown. You can judge from yourselves. I'm seriously considering buying a better quality printer, bu

Fixing a messy hair

A few months ago we bought an Scaris Clawdeen Wolf doll and as soon as we deboxed her, we realized that her hair was a mess. She was supposed to have wavy hair, but it just looked tangled and messy. It was so messy that combing it was a nightmare.Here's a photo of how it looked. I didn't know how to fix it, so I asked to the wise doll lovers from Doll Observers , and yes, someone had the answer for me. Thanks to Annette, who gave me the tips (and whose Flickr you should visit), I managed to make Clawdeen's hair look much smoother. The solution to this problem is pretty simple: You just have to comb your doll's hair, pour a little bit of boiling water over her hair and comb it again. Repeat this steps as many times as you need. Easy huh? Waiting for her hair to dry  The more you comb your doll's hair, the straighter it will look, but if you want her hair to look curly, you can pour boiling water , put her some hair rollers and wait until her hair dryies

It's been a long time...

... since I last posted on this blog. My apologies, but I have started a new job which leaves me with very little  spare time. Furthermore, I've been busy with my University appliance stuff  (you know, paper work stinks). I've been waiting all week till sunday come to finish my Coffin Bean printables and my brand new take away themed printables, and when I was about to print them, I've found that the printer doesn't work (grrrrrr.....) Anyway, I was so impatient to take photos of my dolls, that I just take those trials I made on average paper and took some photos. Here's a photo of Robecca. I need to improve my photoshoots quality, it's already in my "to-do- things" list, with a bunch of stuff that I'd love to do but I just don't have the time. I hope I can blog to you soon.  Dolly cheers.