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Doll review: Monster Exchange Marisol Coxi

Hello ghouls and mansters! Today I'm going to review Marisol Coxi, the daughter of the maricoxi (similar to a Big Foot), who attends Monster High as part of a Monster Exchange program. She was introduced as part of the Monster Exchange doll line, along with Lorna McNessie (you can read our review of Lorna here ). She happens to be Abbey Bominable's cousin, but neither their looks or their personalities have nothing in common.

Doll Selfies (part 2)

Hello ghouls and mansters! What have you been up to? Last week I got a little bit sick and I can't go to work because my job requires to be standing up the whole day and carrying a lot o weight, which is something I can't do right now. The possitive part of it is that I can stay home and take pictures of my dolls when I feel better. Actually, I was planning to write a review of Monster Exchange Marisol Coxi, but yesterday I started to feel that I prefered to do post about doll selfies because I always have so much fun when I take pictures pretending like the dolls are taking a selfie. This is actually the second doll selfie post I write, you can take a look at the first one here.

Doll review: Monster Exchange Lorna McNessie

Hello ghouls and mansters! How are you? Today I want to review a doll that I LOVED the first time I saw her at San Diego Comicon 2014. It's Lorna McNessie, from Monster High's Monster Exchange doll line. Lorna is the daughter of the Loch Ness monster and has just transfered to Monster High from Rotland.