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How to: doll size crate shelf/bookcase

Wow, I can't believe I'm back with another craft tutorial. It's the 4th craft related post this year, which is quite rare, since I typically make one of those once in a blue moon. Not that I'm complaining, I'm quite happy with that. Originally I created this blog with the idea of making a doll house and furniture for my Monster High dolls, but that never happened. You know, life got in the way and I didn't manage to do it. Plus, I didn't have much space in the old house. So, now that I'm in a new space and have more time, I want to take advantage of it.  When I started working on my backgrounds and taking pics, I realized the lack of doll furniture that I have. I had a few ideas in mind, like an Upcycling part 2 type of post, but I didn't manage to find the supplies that I needed. While I was working on my colorful crates, I thought that maybe I could make a shelf out of crates, since they're quite easy to make. I recalled that My Froggy Stuff h

Photo Compilation: August 2020

September has just started, and I think it's time for another "Photo compilation" post. Some of you seemed to enjoy my last compilation , so I thought I could keep doing this type of posts and make them a monthly thing if I have enough photos, or every other month if I have just a few. The idea is to share here some photos that I take for Instagram or even those that haven't been posted anywhere, with a little backstory about them.  Let's start with the first photos of August. Technically, I posted 2 of these on July 30 and 31st, but I wanted to share them here all together. As I mentioned in my previous compilation, I want to get better at group photos, so I've been practicing. For these photos, I grouped some of my girls and took some photos in different poses. I tried to dress all the dolls in outfits that worked together and didn't clash, but not necessarily matched. I think it would have looked weird if all the dolls were wearing casual clothes and on