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Retro Review: Barbie Travelin' House playset (1995)

Hi again, doll lovers! How is your summer going so far? Jeez, this summer is keeping me busy. Our house makeover is finally taking off. We've been busy meeting with the contractor and choosing the materials. At first I was quite frustrated because I didn't see any progress, but now I finally see it moving, slowly but steady. Also, both Mr. Monster and I got sick a couple of weeks ago, which didn't leave with much time left to play with dolls. Anyway, I'm finally here with a new blog post. A while back Barb posted on her blog about a doll she had as child. On that post, I told her about this playset and I thought it would be interesting to show it to you guys. Also, Barb, I hope you don't mind that I've been mentioning you like in 4 out of 5 blog posts lately. I hope you guys find it interesting, both if you had this as a child or if you are just curious about Barbie playsets. Let's start!

Fashion Haul

Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing great. Summer is passing by so fast and I still haven't done half of the things that I had planned to do. I feel like I'm busy 24/7 and I don't have much time to play with my dolls.  As I told you on one of my last post, Mr. Monster and I will be moving home later this year, probably around November or December. However, before we move, we had to fix some stuff in the house, so we're often running errands and meeting with the contractor to make the last decisions. It's quite stressing, but I'm happy because our new home will look great. Also, I'm quite excited because I'll have more storage space in my doll/craft room. I have lots of posts ideas for the blog, that I already know I won't have time to write before the next semester starts. I actually have  a list on my computer where I write all of my ideas and I cross them when I write the post. I've wanted to do a corner room/diorama for ages, but t