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Outdoors, but make it indoors

Outdoor doll photos are some of my favorites. They give depth and texture to the photo, and it can add some realism to your dolly pics. When I do my photo compilations, outdoor pics tend to be some of your favorites. But sometimes we can't or don't want to go outside to take photos. So, for a while I've been thinking of ways I can get an outdoors feel in the comfort of my own house.  This idea has been on the back of my mind for about a year, and I'm finally writing a post about it. Not everybody has access to a beautiful garden with a pool where they can take doll pics whenever they want to. Many people don't feel comfortable going outside on a public space with their dolls, or they can't for whatever reason (like when we were in lockdown). Or maybe you just live in an area in which outdoor photography is limited because of the weather. I've also taken into consideration your comments on  The great outdoors  post , mentioning difficulties to kneel down or g

Photo compilation: March-April 2021

Hello again! Happy May! Wow, the year is flying by so fast. It feels like 3 weeks ago we were welcoming the new year, and now we're almost halfway through 2021. Back in March I wasn't very motivated to take doll pics, and it took me some time to find the inspiration again. However, at some point  I came up with the idea of combining my orchid and sea glass walls to create a pastel color palette. First, I used to take pics of my BMR 1959 Kira, that has been redressed into a black dress with some pops of color. Later on, I decided it would be nice to also use this background with other dolls. If you look closely, you will notice that all of these dolls outfits have a color that matches one of the colors of the background. It wasn't intentional at first, but when I noticed I picked the rest of the dolls according to their outfits.  See how Rosie's romper has some green that matches the background? Later on, I used my Sea Glass background with a fuchsia piece that I made o