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Venturing into Youtube

If you were here around 2017, you might remember that I uploaded a YouTube video repainting some photo frames . I was planning on keep posting videos, but I never did so. It was a mixture of many factors. On the house we were living back then, we didn't have space for a good set up, or good lightning. Plus, at that time I was very stressed out with a full time job that I hated and studying at University.  When we moved home back in 2020, I thought it could be the time to give it a try again but, once again, it didn't happen. This time it had to do with the fact that lockdown happened 3 weeks into the new house, so we couldn't get all the furniture pieces that we needed. By the time we got proper furniture on summer 2021, I was already too busy making content for Instagram and preparing blog posts that I didn't make any time for it. But finally, here we are, January 2022, starting to make videos.  The video is just a continuation of a post from last year, Doll-size paint

What I got for Christmas

Christmas has come and gone and, like many of you, I got some gifts under my tree. Like I've mentioned before, I get most of my gifts on January 5th which is one of the reasons why this post is coming so late. The other is that we had somewhat of a bumpy start of the year, but I'm trying to put my best foot foward. Although some of these aren't necessarily dolls or doll-related stuff, they're things I'm going to use in the future for crafts or other projects on this blog, so I still think they're somewhat relevant for this blog Let's start with one of the things I was more excited about: craft paint. If you're a regular reader, you've probably seen me use Americana Acrylics in 90% of my craft projects. They color chart is so extensive, and you can find quite a few colors that will look very realistic on dioramas and doll furniture. I don't think that, quality-wise, they're the best brand that I've tried, but the other brand that I like h

Photo compilation: November-December 2021 (plus 2021 recap)

Hello again and happy New Year! How is 2022 treating you so far? It is crazy how 2021 has come and gone in the blink of an eye. As per usual, I haven't managed to do all the things I had planned for 2021, but we'll get to that later. On this very first post of 2022 we're taking a look at my last photos of 2021 and doing a quick recap of my year.  The last half of 2021 I wasn't very inspired to take doll photos. I've had a few bursts of inspirations here and there, but for the most part I've been taking photos for the sake of it. The majority of photos I've been posting on Instagram you've already seen here, but I sometimes have a few extra that don't make the final post or that I take just because "everything is set up". This very first photo of Victoria is one example of the later case. It's also my favorite from this set.  The background I've used here is the color Light Mocha by Americana Acrylics . It's the exact same on al