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How to: new wainscot design (Mix'n'Match backgrounds)

If you've been following my blog for the past year or so, you might know that I have been focusing a lot on backgrounds for my photos.  Sometimes a background can make a huge difference in your photos, and I like the results that I've been getting since I started putting more effort into them. But, as much as I would love to have plenty dioramas and scenes for every occasion, I don't have the space to store them, which I'm sure it's a problem some of you also have. So, I came up with this idea of Mix'n'Match backgrounds that allow you to create different scenes with just a few elements that you can combine.  On "Part 2" of the series, I made a wainscot/paneling piece in white and, even though I quite liked the effect, I felt that I could put more effort in my next design. I've been dying to start making more wainscots since September, and finally I have the chance. And, since I received such positive comments on part 2, I thought it would b

What I got for Christmas

Hello again! I wasn't expecting to write another post this soon, but I finished college a few days sooner than I anticipated, so here I am. As of today, I am officially done with college. I hope this time is for good, and there are no shenanigans going down like last year and I find myself having to go back to college again. Even though I feel a bit tired, I want to take advantage of the fact that I'm still in "work mode" to write a quick post featuring all the goodies I got for Christmas.  As I mentioned in my previous post, we don't get many gifts on Christmas day, just one or two small presents. We don't get to open the majority of our gifts until the Three Wise Men/Wise Kings Night, which is January 5th. I didn't ask for anything doll related this year, because nothing has really excited me and I already have the 3 BMR 1959 dolls that I was more interested in. But, apparently, the stars aligned and Mr. Monster found out that the Star Wars Princess Leia

Photo compilation: November-December 2020 (plus 2020 recap)

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a nice and safe holidays and a good start to the year. I don't want to get excited too early, because 2020 started quite well and in March things started going downhill. So, yeah, I'll wait a few months to start thinking that this is going to be my year.  For my first post of 2021, I want to do a photo compilation and a 2020 recap, all in one. Hopefully, I'll manage to stick to a plan and this post won't be all over the place. Let's start. As you guys may already know, back in mid February I moved home. We had been wanting to move home for years, and it finally happened. The new house has some pros and some cons compared to the old house, one of the pros being much better natural light for doll photography and in general. Lately, I've been taking some doll pics in one of my balconies, using my own plants as props. It's an easy way to get an outdoorsy feel when you can't/don't want to go outside. These were taken at so