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Photo compilation: May-June 2021

Hello again. It's almost July! Can you believe that the year is flying by so fast? We're in the middle of the summer, with the world starting to open up again, and it's time for another photo compilation.  A while back, I decided to start slowing down my publishing on Instagram. I used to post almost every single day, at least 6 times per week, and I was getting overwhelmed. I had to be taking pics constantly, which took time from crafting and writing blog posts. It was just too much, preparing 5-7 photos a week, crafting, running two blogs, plus regular life stuff such as cooking and doing laundry. So, since there will be fewer photos, these compilations will be every other month for the most part. But let's get into the actual photos.  March started up pretty colorful, with this photoshoot of Victoria. I had this color combination in the back of my mind, and I had an urge to make it a reality. It's just two simple colorful card stock sheets.  I also used two crate

Behind the scenes: inspired by Barbie Style

If you follow my Photo compilation posts , you'll know that lately I haven't been very inspired to take doll photos. I've had some ideas here and there, but I haven't had that spark that made me super inspired, or felt that tick that made me want to drop everything that I'm doing and start taking doll pics. But that changed around a week ago.  A while back, I saw on @barbiestyle a photo that triggered an idea. It was a rather simple photo, but I thought I could recreate it or use it as an inspiration for a photoshoot. I haven't been very inspired recently so, a few days ago, I decided to give it a try. Down below, you can see the photo in question. If the embed code doesn't work for you, you can always follow this link to the Barbie Style Instagram page .  Ver esta publicación en Instagram Una publicación compartida de Barbie® (@barbiestyle) This isn't Barbie Style 's best photo or my favorite, but for some reason it sparked t

How to: doll-size painted artwork

Wow, I can't believe it's June already! I feel like I'm just getting started with the content I have planned for 2021, but all of a sudden we're almost half through the year. I feel like I've got barely anything done, but at the same time, this is my 13th post this year, and my 160th post overall. It's not that I haven't done anything, but the "To-do" project list never seems to end. But I digress. On my last photo compilation I mentioned that I did a painted artwork piece and was planning on doing a tutorial. Since it's a fairly easy project, I decided to work on a couple more pieces, to give more options and ideas to my readers. So, I hope that you like them.  This post was meant to be up in late-May, but I have joined two courses that started the same day and, once I'm done studying, I don't feel like spending more time in front of the computer. One of the courses has a limited time to complete, so I need to hurry up if I want to get