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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Just stopping by to wish everyone a happy Holiday season. I know that, with this pandemic that's going on, not everyone is feeling very festive this year or will be able to celebrate with their loved ones. That's totally understandable. Some other people are trying to see the positive in an overall negative situation. Like, for example, not seeing that annoying relative you can't stand or not going to a boring Christmas party with your workmates. I'm from the second group. As much as I love the whole aesthetic of the season and those cheesy holiday movies, some parts of it feel dreadful. Despite the situation in the real world, my dolls are celebrating a pandemic free holiday, because in my dolly world there's no room for that. Last year I took holiday themed photos for the first time, which you can see here . I didn't have many props to work with, so I did what I could. This year I feel like there has been an improvement, even though I still feel it could be be