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Upcycling: Transforming a tea box into doll furniture

Hi there! I can't belive summer is over! It feels like last week when I did my finals, and all of the sudden, I'm back in college again. I'm quite happy that I've managed to write a couple of posts per month, but, as usual, I haven't had time to do all the crafts or write all the posts that I had in mind. Since I was quite busy with my house renovation, I tried to focus on simple projects and posts, because I knew that, if I got into a complex project, it would end up abandoned. I wasn't going to do any type of "craft" posts, but since this is a makeover, I don't think it will take me as long as making a craft from scratch. How did I get this idea? Well, I can't take full credit. Quick backstory: A few weeks ago I came across an Instagram post from Bonequea , who found some cheap wooden items and had transformed them into stunning furniture. Here is her original IG post. I really do encourage you to follow her on Instagram, her photos a

Unboxing Barbie Fashionistas and some photo experiments

Hi there! How is everyone doing? Lately I haven't been very inspired to work on posts for this blog or do anything doll-related. It's not that I don't have ideas, but I haven't been able to put them in order or focus on a project. I think I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the things I want to do and write about. Also, a couple of projects and ideas haven't turned as I expected them to turn, which is always very frustrating. Anyway, I've managed to find a little bit of time and concentration to write this post. To be honest, I almost didn't write this post. When I took the photos of the dolls, I was having an off day or something and I wasn't happy with the results. But then I went on a little weekend escapade to Madrid with Mr. Monster and, when we came back, I was feeling more inspired. Also, while we were there I bought some stuff for doll photography that I will show you on future posts. But let's talk about this dolls.