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7th blogoversary

Today, 24th April 2020, it's my blog's 7th  anniversary. I can't believe it's been so many years since I came up with the idea to create The Monster Crafts (it was just going to be Monster Crafts , but it was already taken). Since then, lots of things have happened, and the blog has taken a very different direction that I initially had planned.  First attempt using my house as a background I started this blog very inspired by a fellow blogger called Lola's mini homes . She made an incredible Monster High school and dorm rooms out of cardboard and I loved it. I wanted to do something similar but life had other plans for me and I didn't end up doing anything close to that. Soon after starting my blog, I started working almost full time and, in September, I started college, which left me with very little time to work on a big project.  I wanted this to be a mainly craft blog, but truth is I've made very few crafts. The lack of time, space and, let