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Lola needs you

Hey ghouls. Our bloggy-friend Lola's mini homes has just entered the Undersized Urbanite contest and she really needs our votes. You can check out how stunning her dollhouse is here and cast your vote for Ginger here . You can cast up to three votes, but only one for each house (and I hope one of your votes goes for Ginger). Come on, we'll still have 6 days to vote for her house.  Please, be a nice ghoul and vote for her. Blog to you soon!

Coffin Bean dissaster

As you may know,I've been working on my Coffin Bean printables. I designed some boxes, based on a patter I found at and truth is that I don't really like them. I made a test first on average paper and then I fixed the mistakes I found on the design. This morning  I've  printed them on card paper and I've found that something doesn't work well. Here's a photo. The tap doesn't close properly on the smaller one and on the bigger one I glued something that wasn't supposed to be glued and now I have to close it with the tap outside the box (but truth is that I don't dislike that). I'll try to find more patterns for boxes and I'll redesing them. At least, they've got the right sice and fit well inside the bags I'm not very happy with the result, but I know that I have to learn from my mistakes. Please, tell me what you think so far. See you on my next post