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9th blogoversary

Well, you've read the title. This little blog turns 9 years today! I can't believe 9 years have gone by already, it still feels like yesterday. I'm also quite impressed with myself for sticking to something for such a long time. Even though I started blogging back in 2013, I wasn't able to be consistent and put out the content that I was planning until 2019. I think the Making more backgrounds for doll photography post was when things started taking a shift. I don't know what it is, but I think it was at this point when I started enjoying the content that I was putting more, but also trying new things.  Last year I forgot about my blog anniversary, so the last dedicated post was for my 7th blogoversary . On that post, I mention that I've always wanted to do more craft posts, but never got the time or had trouble finding the supplies. Well, since then I've made around 14 dedicated craft posts (which you can find under the doll crafts tag), plus the little t

Life update

Well, before I even realized it, we're halfway through April. It's been almost a month since my latest blog post, where I mentioned I might not be able to post so regularly. But a few things have happened since then and, even though I don't have much doll-related news, I think I could do a quick life update.  First, I want to thank everyone for your kind messages and support on my last post. Unfortunately, I didn't react very well to the medication, and I've had to stop taking it. Two weeks into the treatment, I started feeling so bad and having major side effects, so I had to stop taking it. Some side effects are expected, and they should wear out once you get used to the medication, and I was ready to endure them. But I got really concerned when I got a tachycardia, so I had to slowly stop taking it. Luckily, as soon as I reduced the dose, it went away.  Of course, as soon as the side effects started wearing out, migraines appeared again with vengeance. We've