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Doll review: Barbie Looks model 2 (curvy)

Hello and welcome to the first doll review of 2022. I haven't done a doll review in over a year, when I reviewed the BMR redhead guy , back in February 2021, so it was really about time. I used to do reviews back to back, but now I very rarely do so, due to the fact that I barely buy any dolls. This is due to the fact that I don't have much money to spend on dolls anymore, but also there hasn't been anything in the market that has really caught my eye recently. However, a few months back, Mattel put out this Barbie Looks line, and this particular doll was a standout for me.  For those of you who aren't really into Barbie dolls, the Looks line is a collectors line consisting of 6 dolls that launched in summer 2021 (see them here ). The line seems to pay homage to the Barbie Basics line from 2009, but with the addition of the made to move body and new face sculpts. Later that year, 3 new dolls have cme out. These dolls original retail price is 20USD, which is a fair price

Photo compilation: January-February 2022

Hello and welcome back to another Photo compilation. If this is your first time here, in this series, I usually share some of the photos I've been posting on Instagram the past two months, and sometimes I add something extra like a "behind the scenes" pic or a photo that I discarded. What a better way to kick-start March by looking at all the photos from January and February.  I haven't taken many photos these past few months. I've mentioned several times that I haven't felt very inspired to take doll photos. So, to see if I could get some inspiration, I tried to go "back to basics" and take some photos with just some colorful cardstock and a doll. This is how I started taking photos, so I thought this could help me get inspired.  I really didn't put much thought into it, just some bright colors and a doll.  Once I started taking photos with the white and pink background, I started getting ideas for other color combinations. For the second combo