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Let's unpack that

Yes, you guessed it right! We are FINALLY in our new home. It's been a crazy journey, we've been waiting to move to this house for almost 2 years and it has finally happened. There were lots of setbacks, one of them being the fact that the town hall decided to remodel our street at the exact same time we were about to start renovating the house, so we had to wait until they were done. That put our spirits down a little bit, but as soon as we started with the renovation this summer, we were excited again. Our house wasn't ready to move in until January, more or less by the time I was busy with exams. As soon as I finished, I had to take care of few things that still need to be done in the house, plus packing everything. Packing took me forever, specially books and doll stuff. We wanted to move late January-early February, but we didn't manage to move until the 18th, the day before I started college again. I still have my dolls in boxes, and a few of them are still