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New doll: BMR 1959 Kira

Hi again! Sorry for such a long absence, but I've been busier than expected with college and life. I thought that, because I have fewer classes, I would have more time to play with dolls and post on the blog, but it turns out I don't. Plus, I'm trying to work out more, which takes part of my spare time. I'm making an effort to try to organize my time better, in order to be more productive, so I hope to be back with a more regular schedule soon.  As I mentioned on my last post, I got the BMR 1959 Kira doll, and some of you seemed interested in a dedicated post. I've already reviewed the curvy one from this line in a previous post ., in case you're interested in checking it out. As I mentioned in that post, the overall theme and aesthetic of the BMR1959 isn't my cup of tea, and I also find they're a bit pricey for their quality. So, I thought I would just get the curvy one and pass on the rest of the line, but for some reason the Kira one started appealing