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Were my predictions about Mattel right?

Back in August 2018 I wrote a post titled 8 things I'd love to see from Mattel in 2019 . In said post, I made some sort of wishlist of things that myself and other Barbie collectors would love to see of the line. Now we're on April 2021, so I think it's fair to take a look back and see if Mattel has accomplished anything from the list.  I just want to point out that I started writing this post before the Monster High reboot was announced, so I left it on draft and started working on said post. Then I forgot about it for a few weeks and, since I didn't have anything else planned for the blog, I thought it would be a great moment to finish it.  The text fromt the original post is shown using an italic font. I have omitted a few parts that weren't very relevant, but you can always go back to the original post and read the entire text.  But let's stop rambling and start with the post.   Made to Move Ken  with rooted hair and at least 4 different skin tones. (...) O

Coral wainscot for spring diorama

Spring arrived a few weeks ago, and a new season calls for a new colorful background. If you've been following my blog for a while, you might be familiar with my Mix and Match series, in which I make interchangeable elements to use as backgrounds for your doll photos. Recently I made  dark gray wainscot to combine with some of my colorful walls, but today I want to make a colorful version of that, so I use it for spring and summer looking photos.  Since I already explained how to make a wainscot quite in depth in my original New wainscot design post , I'm not going to go into so much detail on this post. However, I did change some  measurements and proportions, which I will explain, so you can choose the proportions that work best for you. Also, I want to point out that recently I got a new working table, so things might look a bit different than usual.  The supplies you will need are the same as last time, which are: Binding cardboard/gray cardboard. A sharp cutter (with a