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How to: Mix 'n' Match backgrounds part 2

Hi guys, hope you're doing well during this pandemic summer (or winter, if you're reading me from the Southern Hemisphere).  As you may know if you've been reading my last posts, I've been in quite a crafty mood this summer and I've been working on a few projects, mostly backgrounds and props for doll photography. You saw a little bit of that on my Mix'n'match backgrounds part one. When I came up with the Mix'n'Match idea, I was trying to figure out how to make a variety of backgrounds without taking up much space. I don't know about you, but I don't have room to have 20 different dioramas and scenes to take photos, and I feel many people have the same problem. So, I thought what could I do to change up the appearance of a background with just a few elements? The answer is paneling/wainscoting.  If you read part one and it wasn't your cup of tea, this post might be for you, since this backgrounds will be more realistic looking. Now, full

Making colorful crates

Lately I've been in such a crafty mood and I've been working on several craft projects. On one hand, I've been working on my Mix'n'Match backgrounds part 2, and on the other I've been working on some decor and photography props. But a sudden heat wave has put a pause on my craft, since I not only don't have air conditioner on my doll room, but  we've been having problems with the one in the living room (which is just next to the doll room, and I turn it on to cool down both rooms). So, while I wait for everything to go back to normal, I've thought it could be a good idea to start working on this post.  When I started working on my backgrounds, I thought it could be fun to make some colorful props or pieces of furniture to contrast with the backgrounds. I was thinking of things the dolls could use to sit on or lean against while posing for the photos and the two things that came to my mind were chairs and crates. I would love to make some chairs in t

Photo Compilation: June-July 2020

Hi again! I hope everyone is doing well during this pandemic summer. As I told you on one of my latest post, I've been thinking on sharing some photos that I take for Instagram and don't post here or those photos that, for some reason, never get published. The idea is to share them here and explain a little bit the inspiration and, if I can, share a little behind the scenes.  Let's start with some Instagram pics. I took this for an event organized by  @shrunken_dreams . For those of you who aren't familiar with these Instagram events, they're often organized to celebrate something or just to have fun. The person that organizes it sets a date and a theme and often provides a tag so you can find all the related posts. On that day, you share a pic following the theme and using the tag (hashtag), and the organizer often interacts with you and shares your content. It's a great way to find new accounts to follow on the platform, but also it provides a little challenge