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Photo compilation: May-June 2022

This post was first published on . If you see it published somewhere else, it's been copied without my consent. Please, do not support shady pages like Toy Newz and support the original creators instead.  Happy July! Can you believe how fast 2022 is going? It feels like last week we were celebrating Christmas and, all of a sudden, here we are. Today it's time for another photo compilation that I've been doing at the beginning of every other month. There aren't many photos to share today, as I haven't been very active on Instagram and many of the photos I shared there I had already shared on the blog.  Let's start with some extra photos that I took while working on the Workshop with Shasha post , but never made it to the final post. This photo of Shea is one of my favorites.   I also took this photo of Chloe laying down, ready to get into the pool (that isn't there, I just pretend it is). I didn't include this one simply bec