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2019 Wishes

Hi everyone!  I just wanted to drop by and write my last post of 2018. This year I’ve been a terrible blogger, as I’ve barely written anything. I haven’t felt like writing, but now I can’t wait to be back. I’d love to be able to write at least one post per month in 2019, but as usual, I’ll get busy with college and probably I won’t be able to do so. I’m thinking of writing some posts during my college holidays and leave them scheduled during the school year.  Also, I’m not as excited about new doll releases as I used to be, so I thought that next year I will focus more on my current doll collection and start crafting some things for my dolls. I’d love to do a small diorama for doll photography. I’d also love to start sewing; my dolls really need new outfits!

Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone! Hoper you're all doing well. Yes, I know, I dissappeared again from my blog. I did want to post, I promise, but I got busy with stuff, Mr. Monster and I went away on holidays and when we came back University started and I couldn't find time for it. I hadn't been only focused on my studies in about 10 years, and at first it was quite hard to handle. Finals are in about a month and I'm focusing on them, but I just wanted to drop by and wish everyone happy holidays and Merry Christmas.