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Quick craft: doll size framed artwork

Hi guys. How are you doing during this strange times? I'm still quite busy with college work, but these past few weeks I've managed to organize myself a little better and I've found some time to come here and update the blog. I've been using something called pomodoro technique, in which you focus on a task for 40 minutes and then you take 10 minutes off. It's been working so far and I feel I've been more productive in my study time. The extra spare time I get with this technique I've been using it for house chores or doll photography, but today it's time to focus on the blog. As some of you may know, this summer I've been working on some "room looking" backgrounds and furniture. I was quite happy with what I did, but the walls looked quite bare and empty. So, back in September I started working on a few framed artwork pieces to add more detail to the rooms. I made all of them and took the pics of the process back in September, but never got

Photo compilation: September-October 2020

Hi again! I'm back with another photo compilation. I didn't publish one in October because I felt that I didn't have enough new photos, since most of what I had been posting on Instagram were pics from the blog. So decided to wait until November.  Remember when I went to the house with a pool ? Well, I took so many photos that I still have a few that I haven't posted. I still had a few with the dolls lying next to the pool and wearing swimsuits, so I decided to post them early September, when they still matched the weather.  I also had more pics of different dolls around the garden. In these photos you can see Cassandra, a doll I don't feature much on my blog or pay much attention too, so I decided to give her a shinning moment.  I wanted to take a few photos of the dolls lying on the ground, since I've seen that being done before and I think it looks quite lovely. The natural grass looks quite disproportioned, but overall I'm happy with them.  The framing o