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Photo compilation: July-August 2022

Hello again and welcome back to another Photo compilation . If this is your first time here, this is the series on my blog where I share the photos I've been posting on Instagram for the last two months, and sometimes share a bit of extra information or behind the scenes shots about them. This month it's time to take a look at the photos I took between July and August.  I barely published any new photos in July, as I wasn't very inspired. But, after we came back from our trip, I had a bunch of new photos to share. You've already seen most of them on the dedicated post , but there's a few I didn't share here.  This photo of Victoria was a pain to take. Because of the shape of this rock, I had to be on the squats to get a decent angle. Meanwhile, a very annoying fly kept buzzing on my ear, which added some distraction to an already uncomfortable pose. This was the best shot I could get. I'm quite happy with it, to be honest, although I think it could be better