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Doll Review: Barbie BMR 1959 Curvy

And, pretty much as I predicted, I haven't been able to post in almost a month. The last few weeks of college were crazy. I think I mentioned this before, but I signed up for an online internship at a communication agency. Long story short, the customer wasn't happy with the last assignment we did, and we basically had to redo the whole thing. All of this during the last 3 weeks of school, when I also had to do a video presentation for a project. I managed to pull it off, and I finally have some time to come on here and talk all things doll related.  A couple of years ago I used to do lots of doll reviews, mostly because that was the only way I found to bring content to the blog regularly. At some point I got bored by it and didn't think people found them interesting, so I stopped doing them. Now, if I talk about a new doll, I try to add something more to the post, like a new background or a comment on another topic. For this particular doll however, I feel like I have a lo

New doll: Barbie Fashionista with vitiligo plus life update

Wow, all of the sudden it's June. It feels like two days ago was February and I just moved here. Where have all these weeks gone? The school year hasn't officially finished yet, but most of my projects and classes are already finished. In fact, I already know I have passed one of my classes with at least a 70%, even though  the official grades don't come out until July. So, since I'm a bit more relaxed now, I thought I might come here and tell you a bit about my newest dolls. A couple of weeks ago, when things started going back to normal, I was looking through Amazon and found that there were a few dolls on sale. I got the Fashionista with Vitiligo for around 10€ (instead of the whooping 14€ that they seem to be sold these days) and I also got the BMR1959 curvy doll. I will do a separate post on the BMR doll, because I want to go more in depth with her and do some comparisons.  I haven't bought many dolls for the past two years, not only because I have less budget