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How to: doll-size wooden pergola

Hello again! Long time, no see! I knew that I wouldn't be able to work on the blog for a few weeks, but I didn't expect to be gone for a whole month. To be honest, it's been a combination of having some stuff to take care off and lack of motivation. The fact that I don't have AC in my craft room while we've been having 40ºC temperatures hasn't really helped. But despite the heat, I got myself to work on this project here and there, and it's finally finished.  While I was making this project, I had a few setbacks and I made some mistakes along the way, which made this project take longer than I expected. The good thing about mistakes is that they serve as a learning experience, both for me and for anyone reading this. There's no point in pretending that everything I do is perfect. I also did watch My Froggy Stuff's video after I came up with my design, which eventually didn't make me change much of my design.  Before I get into this craft, I must