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Making a "blurry lines" background for doll photography. An experiment.

Hi there! How is your summer going so far? While I was working on one of my previous posts, I had a Twitter conversation with Fashion Doll Stylist in which she gave me some great ideas for doll photography. While we were "talking" I got a few ideas for patterns and motives that could be used for backgrounds, but since my previous post was already too long, I decided to keep some of them for future posts. I came across this idea of doing a blurry background/ blurry lines when I started taking photos of my dolls with my phone. A couple of months back I got a new phone that has a portrait mode that difuses the background much easier than my camera does.  In fact, some of the pics in my latest post have been taken with my phone. So, I thought it would be a nice idea to have some sort of blurry/ undefined background for taking doll pics. I also wanted to do something quite easy for anyone to do and with supplies that anyone can easily find. So, I took my craft supplies and

Unboxing some dolls plus new backgrounds

If you have been following this blog for a while now you will know that I used to do doll reviews quite often. It was a way for me to pay more attention to the dolls when I opened them than just opening the box and putting them on a shelf to be displayed. However, I got tired of that, mostly because there haven't been any doll releases that have excited me. Yes, there're Barbie Fashionistas that are cute, but nothing special. Also, I felt that I was only doing doll reviews and that my content was getting boring and unoriginal. So, I won't be doing proper doll reviews unless is a doll that really excites me or something new and different. There are a few reasons why I'm doing this "unboxing" type of post. First, I've had this dolls in their boxes for a few months now and they need to get out. However, since I don't want them to go directly from the box to the self, I decided to do a little photoshoot with them, so I can practice my photography ski