Monday, 22 July 2013

New ghouls in town

Guess who arrived last friday? You're right, Mad Science Ghoulia and Cleo. In fact, we were received them on monday, but Ghoulia's hand was damaged so we returned it and since friday we didn't receive the new ones. As I received them on friday night and I had to wake up early the following day, I couldn't spend the whole night playing with them and I had to wait until saturday. So we ended up on saturday night deboxing Cleo (we had already deboxed Ghoulia) and taking some photos of the welcome comite (Clawdeen and Robecca).
The photos don't have the best quality, not only because we use a mobile phone as a camera, also because we usually take photos with natural light and as some of this were taken at night, we only had our (bad) bedroom light to work with.

They're already good friends
Fortunately, today we had the whole morning to craft and take some photos of our ghouls. We have done another patio chair to match the other chair and the table. Furthermore, we've done some doll-sized popsicles. First we did one with color computer paper following a tutorial of My Froggy Stuff, but we didn't like the result very much, so we did a couple more with mold clay the same day we did the bread (check out the post in case  you missed it).
The one that Cleo's holding is the one made following My Froggy Stuff's tutorial and the one's that Ghoulia and Robecca have are the ones we made with mold clay. In the picture the paper popsicle looks better, but I prefer the ones made with clay. Which one do you prefer?

We're also working on a new craft: a clothes rack.We hope that we can finish it tomorrow and if it looks nice we'll make some sort of "how we did it" post. Plus, I'm working on some school themed printables, but those have to wait a little bit.
Stay tuned

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