Sunday, 9 August 2015

Doll unboxing and review: Gooliope Jellington

Hello ghouls and mansters! What have you been up to? Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I've had some problems with my job and also I've been painting some house furniture. Finally, I manage to write a new post and review a doll I'm very excited about: Gooliope Jellington!

Gooliope is a giant blob girl who works at the Freak du Chic circus as a ringmaster. In her bio it says she's the daughter of the unknown, but if you read her diary, it's hinted that Gooliope is an experiment gone wrong that was abandoned and adopted by her new circus family. 

Gooliope is not only a giant in fiction, she's also much taller than the average Monster High dolls, standing around 50 cm, while other MH dolls are 27 cm tall. And because she's a giant, she's got a larger box thant other dolls. 

Gooliope Jellington box

 I love how all in her box is around being a giant and feeling like a freak. Gooliope seems trapped in this box and the plastic seems shattered in two spots where her hands should be, like she's trying to escape. However, in my Gooliope's box, her hands are not in the proper place and you don't really feel that effect.

Gooliope Jellington review

At the left bottom corner of the box you can see Gooliope's gorgeous artwork. In that pose, she reminds me a little bit of the Attack of the 50 foot woman movie. 

 The back of the box is the same as many of the new Monster High doll lines: there's a small description of the doll and a huge character face artwork that fills almost all the back of the box. 

Gooliope Jellington back box

 For such a huge doll, her box is not THAT big, as she comes attached to it with her knees bended. Here's her box next to Marisol Coxi's.

Gooliope Jellington Marisol Coxi box

 With the front plastic removed (which was super easy), you can take a closer look to Gooliope.  

Gooliope Freak du Chic

The background artwork of the box is a circus. At the bottom corners you can see the silouethes of other characters featured in the Freak du Chic line, like Jinafire or Toralei.

It took me a while to unnatach Gooliope from the box, as the plastics that were attaching her were sturdier that the ones used in smaller dolls. After a few minutes, I managed to unbox her:

Removing this plastics was a nightmare
 The first thing that comes to my mind is that she is HUGE. I new she was that tall before I bought her, but she looks much impresive in person. At first, I didn't know how to handle her, as I'm used to deal with dolls that are around 30cm tall. I also had some trouble making her pose, as her body is heavier and sturdier, so she kept falling easier than other dolls.

Gooliope Jellington

She's almost two times taller than the regular Monster High dolls, even compared to dolls like Nefera or Casta Fierce, who are taller than the other girls. Here's a picture of Gooliope next to Casta. Please, notice how big is Gooliope's stand.

Gooliope Jellington and Casta Fierce

Gooliope has an intense pink skin, with molded details that give the impresion that her body has a jelly texture. It looks like her body is dripping or something like that.

Here face has some nice details that hint that Gooliope is a ghoul created in a lab, like for example, the radioactive simbols on her eyes. 

Gooliope Jellington eye detail

Her hair has a fresh combination of yellow and hot pink. Her hair is shoulder lenght and it's supposed to be curly, but the back of her hair is a little bit messy.

Gooliope Jellington hair

She also wears this beautiful golden calliope headband, attached to her head with a piece of plastic.

Aside from the blob details, her body is pretty interesting, as she has different articulations than other Monster High dolls. Her knees and elbows have a double articulation, which reminds me of the Sybarite dolls. She can bend her knee like this:

Like this:

Or even like this:

She wears a very circus inspired dress. The colour palette is composed of black, white, hot pink and golden yellow. Her skirt has this beautiful circus courtain details and even has the Monster High skulette on it. She also wears an underskirt with black and white stripes.

She also wears this cool circus inspired golden shoulder pads and this earrings that look like wheels. 

Gooliope circus shoulder pads

Her shoes are probably one of my favourite parts. They are hot pink and have this incredible detailed carousel horse heel painted in silver. 

Gooliope Jellington shoes

The shoes are HUGE compared to ther Monster High shoes. Here are Gooliope's shoes next to Picture Day Frankie Stein's shoe:

It amazes me how big her hands are. Out of curiosity, I compared her hands to other dolls' hands. Here you have a comparison with Casta and Frankie's hands.

From left to right: Casta, Gooliope and Frankie
  Just for fun, I tried to make her pose like her artwork. This is the best I got. 

I really like Gooliope Jellington, she's a beautiful doll with a different an amazing body. However, I'm a little bit worried about where I am going to keep her, as she's so tall that doesn't fit in any of my doll shelves. I think that Mattel made a good move with this doll, but I'm affraid that this doll will appeal more to collectors than to kids, as she won't fit in other dolls clothes or accesories. If I were a kid, probably I wouldn't like her because of the reasons mentioned above, so that's maybe the reason why mattel is going to release taller versions of Clawdeen, Draculaura and Frankie.  Even as an adult, I don't know how to make her fit with my other dolls, but I'm really happy that she joined my Monster High collection.

Welcome to Monster High!
My conclusion? I think that Gooliope is a beautiful and interesing doll that's worth having. It doesn't really have the quality of collector dolls, like Barbie Silkstones, but if you collect playline dolls like me, I totally recomend getting her.

What do you guys think of Gooliope? Are you going to add her to your collection? Tell me what you think so far.



  1. Is she in your local stores already? I'd like one of the tall original MH but I don't even want to imagine how much they'll cost in Europe.

    1. I've only seen it at one toy store, the one I got it. She's not cheap, her price was 40€, but I got her for 36 because I work in the same shopping center that toy store is, and employees of the shopping center get small discounts. I haven't seen the super tall original ghouls in Spain yet.

  2. My 9 year old daughter is a monster high fanatic. She saw this one and fell in love,I caved and ordered it online at Walmart for less than $20. This doll is beautiful! Im getting her a second one to keep as a collectors item. After looking at her I thought about the Blob movies and told her about the crazy preacher and the glass jar that a tiny frozen piece of the blob was kept in. My daughter confirmed that in Gooliope journal, she mentions a glass jar as her crib! Pretty awesome!

    1. Hello! I totally understand that your daugther likes her, and I'm happy you're getting the new one. I'm not totally drawn to the new one, but I'm happy I got this one.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I have her, and I love her. Of course there are things that don't feel right about her, like her hair (I boiled mine's hair and now is quite silky and flat), and her shoulders piece: it rotates way too much.Aside from that, I really like her.
    She's my first big doll, like you, and at first I didn't know what to do with her as well XD.
    I also had the same problem: where to put her? She's in a place I normally don't put dolls on, but she's okay. Still, I probably won't buy more big dolls any time soon....maybe Frankie...

    1. Hi Zilkenian! I'm not planning on getting any bigger dolls, unless something changes and I start collecting BJD. Thanks for stopping by!