Friday, 11 September 2015

Doll review: Monster Exchange Marisol Coxi

Hello ghouls and mansters!

Today I'm going to review Marisol Coxi, the daughter of the maricoxi (similar to a Big Foot), who attends Monster High as part of a Monster Exchange program. She was introduced as part of the Monster Exchange doll line, along with Lorna McNessie (you can read our review of Lorna here). She happens to be Abbey Bominable's cousin, but neither their looks or their personalities have nothing in common.

Marisol Coxi Monster High review

Marisol's box looks exactly the same as Lorna's: is clear on the front with the character's artwork on the lower left part and on the back part has this giant artwork of the character's face.

With the plastic of the box removed, you can take a closer look at Marisol.

Marisol Coxi review

Marisol Coxi Monster Exchange

 After a few minutes of cutting plastics, here's Marisol:

 The first thing that I realize when I unbox her, is that her hair is a huge mess, but we'll talk about that later.First, I'd like to focus on how colourful this doll is.

Marisol has purplish grey skin with molded hair in both her wrists and ankles. She's got a cute face with think eyebrows and very colourful makeup. 

Her hair has mainly a combination of two shades of pink an has two lime green braids (or whatever that's called) at the front part of her hair. Unfortunately, her hair is very greasy and messy, something that happens to be very common in the Monster High doll line. 

Marisol doesn't wear earrings, which pisses me off. Instead, she wears some plastic pompoms attached to her braids. Apparently, there's a limited amount of extra plastic that you can get with each doll

She also wears this plastic lime green hat, which I really dislike, attached to her hair with very noticeable plastic pieces. 

Both her hands and feet are HUGE. At first I thought she'll have the same had size as Abbey or Casta, but they are bigger. Here's a comparison with Casta Fierce's hand, in which you can also take a closer look to the molded hair on her wrists. 

Marisol and Casta hands

Also her lower legs and feet are larger than other dolls that use the big sister body mold legs. I compared Marisol with Nefera, so you can noticed the difference

And again, her feet look HUGE compared to Nefera's. Marisol's shoes look very cute though. 

And because this longer lower legs and larger feet, she's taller than the dolls that use the big sister body mold. Here's Marisol next to Casta, so you can see the difference:

Casta Fierce and Marisol Coxi

I also love her colourful outfit. She's wearing a dress with a pink top and a black and lime green layered skirt that has this lovely flowery pattern. She also is wearing a short orange jacket with this cute little feet pattern.

Marisol Coxi dress review

She also comes with this lime green purse that has two molded footprints. 

Due to her size and colourful pallete, Marisol makes such a huge contrast with the other character introduced on this line: Lorna McNessie.

I think that, overall, Marisol is a good addition to my Monster High collection and I would like to see more of both Monster Exchange characters in the near future. However, I'm a little bit upset about how Monster High dolls are getting lower and lower quality each day and almos every single doll that I've unboxed recently had something going on with her hair.

Marisol Coxi doll selfie

What do you guys think about Marisol? Have you added her to your collection?



  1. I saw Marisol at a doll meet. Did you notice she has regular sized "human" footprints on the bottom of her shoes? I thought that was a really neat detail.

    1. Now that you mention it, remember that I saw the footprints thing at someone else's blog, but I never thought that they were regular sized "human" footprints. Sometimes the designers think about the last detail but we just don't pay enough attention to them, like Invisi Billy's shoes, that everyone complains that are very simple, but they're actually inpired by the invisible man bandages.

    2. Oh, I didn't know about the bandages!
      Hey, it looks like you weren't tagged for the Liebster Award! Why don't you give it a try?

    3. Hi BlackKitty! I've seen that you've tagged me, but it will take me a while to write that post because I've started college again and I'm a little bit busy. I also have two more dolls to review and I still haven't had the chance. I'll write the Liebster Award post ASAP.